DVS Records Overstock + New Releases


Man Behind The Curtain
Dec 26, 2002
DVS Records has folded and we were able to acquire some of their remaining inventory. We are wheelin' and dealin' on some great titles ($8 each):

The Aurora Project - Unspoken Words
Dynamic Lights - Shape
Into Eternity - Dead Or Dreaming
Heaven's Cry - Primal Power Addiction
Voyager - Element V
Chrome Shift - Ripple In Time
Alias Eye - A Different Point Of You

New releases that just arrived:

Jun Fukamachi's 21st Century Band - Rokuyu (70s fusion classic)
Whyzdom - From The Brink Of Infinity (female fronted symphonic metal)
Ram-Zet - Neutralized (avant garde metal with female vocals)
Prymary - The Enemy Inside (3rd album from California prog metal outfit)

Ken, I noticed your carring ::Alias Eye:: I own the last 2 cds, but Ive been looking for their ""FIELD OF NAMES"" cd for years, will you stock that from the DVS company as well, CD Baby has it on backorder for at least 2 yrs now:mad::loco:
Whoa, I'm listening to this Voyager band and I'm really liking what I'm hearing.

Any chance of stocking I Am the Revolution and uniVerS?
Univers is out of stock at the moment. I Am the Revolution is on order. Grab this one before its gone. Great band that doesn't get enough attention because they are from Oz.