Echoes of Eternity - The Forgotten Goddess

Dec 21, 2003
Sudbury, Canada
Echoes of Eternity – The Forgotten Goddess
Nuclear Blast Recordings – 2007
By Adam McAuley


A relatively cheerful tone pervades this release and makes it uplifting to the same degree. Melodic-death metal, with some frantic riffing at times not unlike Epoch of Unlight, for example, is what Echoes of Eternity give us so incredibly well. A very airy feeling is portrayed by the vocals that enchantingly overlap the music. The album starts out on a relatively more action-packed manner before proceeding into gradual interludes and climaxing portions as the album wears on.

Staccato picked sections occupy the majority of the album and make for a very listenable outing. Echoes of Eternity craft a relatively ambiguous sounding outing for the most part that seems to lack a cohesive song-based structure, but rather just lingers on for eternity. This is a welcome change to most metal, but the type of structure can certainly get repetitive quick and this perhaps the album’s biggest flaw. As the album wears on, it starts to get somewhat old progressively fast, making it sort of questionable in terms of replay value. Still, all of the performers hold their own position amongst the lot, making for a rather emphatic musical force. Again, the vocals are slightly distanced sounding, but accompany the music rather well to form a well-rounded approach.

The album comes recommended to fans of adventurous metal albums that are willing to sit through a very one-dimensional sounding, but nonetheless compelling, recording. Echoes of Eternity are interesting, but perhaps slightly overstay their welcome as the length of the album progress. Not album of the year quality by any means, but a fairly solid recording overall. The ambitiousness portrayed here, even if it is slightly unfulfilled, is the album’s high point.

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