Eclipse survived

the first leg of the East European tour,
more infos will follow as soon as he manages to find a place to buy new socks, cause current pairs already are in place for longer than a week:D

Budapest motherfucker Hungary motherfucker

ps iv, i call you back soon enough, sorry that i cant join tomorrow pepsi fest, i hope you understand, but after the weekend we will have plenty of time to catch up things. i dont really like hammerfall anyway, ossian on the contrary would have been great though :cry: :D :D :D
I warn you, you are not allowed to stay in my house with your ancient socks!!!! This is no Istanbul or Exeter dammit!!!! :mad: :mad:

Ohhh, and once you logged on this board from my computer... :heh: :D :heh:

Hope you call me tomorrow and we can meet on Thursday (remember, I cut my hair :p)! So, when are you gonna stay in my house? I've put some old newspapers on the floor for you in the garage ;)

Btw, I'm afraid I won't have too much free time next week, I had too many days off this week! So, try to organize your nasty life knowing this, ok? :)