EFMB Tour North America 2015/2016

The North American tour started tonight; here's a setlist from the show and some video of the opening song.



Post your tour spoilers here.
I wish they were playing some Century Child songs (DEAD TO THE WORLD!), but I'm excited to hear the new songs. I'll be catching them in SLC on the 22nd.

Also, if anyone here doesn't already like Sabaton: make sure you catch their set. One of the most fun I've ever had at a show.
They were near impossible to follow! It's kind of a problem that Sabaton have whenever they open for anybody...

That said, Nightwish were damn incredible. The crowd was a little tired, obviously, but Nightwish still killed it. Floor sounded awesome and everyone seemed in very high spirits.
They were tired because of Sabaton and even Delain. :lol:

Both put on some great shows. Delain was a nice setup and then Sabaton filled that room with a ton of energy.

I mean hell, it was hard to top that DAISY moment. That was pretty fucking cool of them to bring her on stage for the end of the show.

I'll definitely see them in Houston. I do want to do one more show, but I haven't decided where yet.
The Vancouver show was filmed for DVD, for those of you who haven't heard already.

DVDVampire: Wish you were coming out to L.A.!


Hopefully next time. There was too much going on this year where I was managing multiple projects.

Maybe in 2016????
I'll be going to the Oklahoma City show on March 18, which is a few days after my birthday. I can hardly wait, but I got a whole lot of year to go before then, so I'll enjoy what I've got and go from there. ^_^