ELCTRIKCHAIR "The Future of Pure Metal Mania"


New Metal Member
Aug 26, 2004
ELCTRIKCHAIR would like to thank every one of the great bands at Milwuakee Metal Fest XVIII for their unselfish support. Since we're so young and not real familiar with the swirling emotions surrounding the fest we hope we don't offend anyone but Jack Koshick and his staff deserve thanks as well, so thanks for putting the show together, great job guys!

ELCTRIKCHAIR the youngest diverse metal band in America supported by a awesome cast of America's best metal bands came together to protect metal's tradition, the Milwaukee Metal Fest. This years bill of approximately 95 bands included metal and punk legends: Death Angel and The Misfits.

ELCTRIKCHAIR bandmembers include: brothers Andy Rodriguez (20), Lead Guitar/Vocals/Song Writer and Bob Rodriguez (13), drums and band family member Eloy Fernandez (17), Bass

ELCTRIKCHAIR received high marks in its fest review by www.metalwarrants.com

ELCTRIKCHAIR'S sample of their soon to be released EP can be heard on Clear Channel KBPI Denver, on many of the college radio stations and online on the band's site.

ELCTRIKCHAIR salutes all of you for supporting metal music and with your continued support we hope to be around for a long time to come.

Young bands, we are the rebirth and we are inheriting metal's legacy, we can't afford to hesitate in doing our part to carry metal into tomorrow.

To learn more about ELCTRIKCHAIR visit: www.elctrikchair.com

Tour and/or Fest Bookings: doug@elctrikchair.com