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May 16, 2001
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********ELITIST NEWSLETTER - April 2003**********

There's a lot of exciting stuff coming up on the label in the next months. All the new information about Elitist bands and their current news is here. We'll be revamping the website in the next month too, so look out for that.
For all the up to minute news please be sure to visit out forum at . We'd be glad to see you there. Your opinions about the bands on Elitist are always welcome.
Let's start with the two next releases:

****EPHEL DUATH*******

The Painter's Palette, the eagerly awaited second album from these Italian maestros will be released in Europe on May 19th. Those expecting "Rephormula" part two will be in for a bit of a shock…

This is not an album to try and define with standard parameters. All types of music, past, present and future are quoted in a single sound. The band's desire and creativity to innovate and articulate their vision has reaped massive rewards for themselves and the listener.

Conceptually inspired from the connection between sounds and colours, "The Painter's Palette's" artwork is published strictly in black and white. The intention of Ephel Duath is to give colour through their sounds or, if you prefer, to play the sound of colours. Every song is depicted by a different chromatic shade, where the listener's mind becomes a painting with infinite possibilities of sounds and colours, musical tonalities and contrasting hues.

The mp3 previews released set a new precedent, reaching 20.000 downloads of the single "The Passage". The resultant feedback has been staggering. People have been stunned by what the band have achieved and are desperate for more. Metal bands in the past have toyed with Jazz or Fusion passages, but never has a band pushed the limits to the extent of actually defining a genre.

"The Painter's Palette" is a genuinely groundbreaking release from a band that is pushing the boundaries of what was previously thought possible.
Download the track "The Passage" here: http://www.elitistrecords.co.uk/thepassage.mp3


Tiny Deaths, the third album from these Avant-garde Russian experimentalists will also be released on the 19th May.

It's a daring album, one borne of contempt for convention and nurtured with a genuine sense of originality. Rakoth take you into their own mesmerizing, mind-expanding world with this release. They're a band totally committed to pushing back the boundaries of art.

Guaranteed to divide fans and critics alike, Tiny Deaths proves one thing: Rakoth follow their own path exclusively, regardless of trends.
The title track "Tiny Deaths" is available for download here: http://www.elitistrecords.co.uk/rakothtiny.mp3 .


The band has finally finished their debut for Elitist entitled Cold Light Of Monday. The album explores Wolverine's darker side, packed with high quality, brooding classics tempered with the exquisite technical bravado that you'd readily expect.

Cold Light Of Monday is a fairly radical departure from the band's previous material, but it shows just how far the band have come in terms of the depth of skill and maturity in the song writing.
A classic in the making, don't let this one pass you by.
We hope to get this album out in June, but will let you know if that changes.

A track from the album entitled "Tied With Sin" is available for download here: http://www.elitistrecords.co.uk/wolverine.mp3 , and a new band photo is available here: http://www.elitistrecords.co.uk/wolverine7.jpg .
Be sure to visit the band's website at http://www.wolverine-overdose.com


This great young band from Finland has just mastered their debut album entitled "A Warm Glimpse".

They play a highly skilful and technical brand of Scandinavian style melodic death metal, entwined with an overall quirkiness and some totally original styling. There's some killer riffing going on with this album, and the vocalist's occasional "Patton-esque" forays into sonic madness are a joy to behold.

We expect great things from this band, both now and in the future.
A track from the album entitled "Wallgarden" can be downloaded here: http://www.elitistrecords.co.uk/farmakon1.mp3 . Enjoy!


The band is presently in the pre-production stage with their forthcoming album "Cyclic". Demos are being recorded and what we've heard so far has totally blown us away! The new material shows a more aggressive edge, but loses none of the crazy technicality of old.

A VERY big name in the metal world is in talks with the band about the production duties for the album. We can't even give any hints until the deal is signed, but I know a lot of people out there will be both surprised and delighted with the choice.

Lunaris have pledged to tour constantly in support of Cyclic. Expect to see them somewhere near you at the time of the album's release.
If you've not yet checked the band out, prepare to be blown away by this track entitled "Growth Denied", taken from the debut album "…The Infinite". http://www.elitistrecords.co.uk/lunaris.mp3 .


The band are now back at their Nottingham base after their successful tour with Samael and Cathedral, playing more than 30 dates across Europe. It was hard work, but they've managed to gain a new legion of fans and many positive responses to their live show.

Pictures from various shows of the tour can be found on links at the Elitist forum .

The band is now at the writing stage for their next album, and in June will be doing a headline tour of the UK, as well as some festival appearances across Europe. More details of the dates of those shows will be available as soon as we have them.

In the meantime, why not check out a track from the band's album Astronomicon? "In The Garden" is available for download here: http://www.elitistrecords.co.uk/wfedit.mp3


The Russian symphonic doom Gods are still receiving a massive amount of praise for their debut album "Tears Of Mortal Solitude", including 4/5 in Kerrang, 8/10 in Metal hammer and 8.5/10 in Terrorizer. Many reviews are archived at the Elitist forum if you still need convincing on this one!
The band also recently played their debut live shows in Russia, including a huge show in Moscow as main support to Cradle Of Filth.

They are currently writing the follow up to "Tears…", the second part of the trilogy based on the concept of "All The Sorrow, All The Majesty and All The Hate". Expect an unprecedented slab of epic bombast!

A track from the amazing "Tears..." album, entitled "Black Swans" is available here: http://www.elitistrecords.co.uk/swansedit.mp3