Entwine - Gone


Not blessed, or merciful
Apr 11, 2001
Sarf Lundin, Innit
Entwine - Gone
Century Media - 2001
By Rodrigo


What is it about bands like Entwine that just seem to strike a chord with metal listeners? Is it the infectious melody that sooths the ears after listening to much heavier bands? Maybe it is just the simple fact that its just too hard not to like the music that Entwine plays. For those not familiar with this band, Entwine plays melodic metal similar to present day Sentenced but with a heavier use of lush and stunning keyboard melodies. Gone is their sophomore effort and it is perfect for those of you that need some tranquil music every once in a while.

With the first song "Losing the Ground" right away you can get a feeling of what Entwine will offer. It starts off with captivating and beautiful keyboard melodies, played by Riitta Heikkonen, that are the main focus of the song. It is a very up-tempo song and the guitars of Tom Mikkola add just the perfect touch of heaviness and melody to complement the keyboards. "Snow White Suicide" is the next track and it is more guitar driven. I really enjoy the verse parts where the drums (Aki Hanttu) and bass (Joni Miettinen) are the focused instruments with the guitar staying in the background adding mesmerizing melodies. Singer Mika Taurianinen does a fantastic job not only during this song but throughout the entire album. "Closer (My Love)" is a deeply emotional and somber song and shows off more of the great singing of Mika as well as all the talents of the band. "New Dawn" is actually the song that was the first single of Gone and it was a very good choice. It has the similar tempo and style as "Snow White Suicide" and I really don‘t know which song is better. "New Dawn" gets extra brownie points because of the melodic solo by Tom. The version of the album I got actually has the video for "New Dawn". It is cool little goodie to see. Although I have to admit that on my computer it was hard to see because the video is dark but never the less it is still cool. "Grace" is another emotional and slow moving song that has a great rhythm and really great symphonic-like keyboards. "Thru the Darkness" is the heaviest song found on Gone but that does not mean that it lacks the memorable melodies. There is actually a violin featured in this song.

As you might have guessed from the song titles, the lyrics are not the most up beat out there. They are very depressing and sad just the way the lyrics of Sentenced are. But that should not take anything away from this great album. If you are looking for the album that is perfectly suited to putting into your CD player and just laying down on your bed then look no further than to Gone.