Eternal Champion: Ravening Iron


franks n steins
Nov 6, 2013
Hey guys, this is a great album.

"ETERNAL CHAMPION may honestly be the platonic ideal of what, on a basic level, heavy metal should sound like. In a modern heavy metal field that is increasingly crowded with bands paying tribute to tried-and-true sounds, the group crafts songs that are lean and streamlined, not coming off as regurgitated hero worship or comically over-the-top parody. The band's lyrical content is anchored in fantasy and Dungeons & Dragons imagery, but the riffs are grounded in heaviness. And here, every song comes out of the gate swinging with heavyweight force and zero wasted motion. The group's latest record "Ravening Iron" is only their second full-length and their first in four years, but ETERNAL CHAMPION already feels like one of the world's most confident bands."

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