An update on this! I got a bit delayed, so at the moment the continuity of the project is up to me only :zombie: There are two songs I'm working on (Transparency, Pins & Needles), and if things go like they should, I'll be recording them in a couple of weeks.
Recordings complete. At the moment I'm uploading the files for Ken.

We had a good time... ALTHOUGH a certain gay black sabbath cover band with a certain ultra gay drummer spoiled EVERYTHING.


Naah. I'll get back to you after there's something to actually listen.
:Smokin: looks like I was TOTALLY late on this thread guys! :Smokin:

Anyhow little update for you guys, the album is due for its international release this JUNE! may the commoners rejoice! :kickass::kickass::puke:

I am deciding right now which song will be the radio single (although I am forced to make a radio edit of the song, since all the tunes are too long for the radio. Fucking pop culture bullshit) but one of my choices is "Transparency" which is by far one of the albums highlights.. and Mr. Eskola sings on that tune, and is fuckin' incredible on it might I add. If the single gets a good amount of attention then a Music Video will be recorded, depending on which song is chosen (I have to make an agreement on the track with the record label) will allow me to start figuring out how the video is filmed. Either way I'd like the guest singer for whichever song to be in the video with me fuckin' rocking out. :Smokin:

So if Transparency is chosen, I'll make every effort to fly his ass here and film with me, and perhaps party down a little bit as well to celebrate the album launch in June.

I've been insanely busy, and I hope for anyone on these forums that have contacted me, or seen my news updates that I have not seemed overly distant - I've already been hard at work on new material for the sophmore album. The pre-press is great, the record company is excited for its release, I am very excited and it seems like its going to do really well, and I am thrilled to finally have my art released for the masses to dig into. Music has always been my life, and at certain times of my life - certain moods or eras albums and bands stick out that connected with me deeply, emotionally and perhaps even spiritually:Smokin:o_O:Smokin:. I hope Galexia will do the same for its fans!!!

Just wanted to update you guys, and if you have not heard Marko on the album yet, then hit the myspace up and listen to the 30 second sample from Transparency!

What a fuckin' voice! :kickass::kickass::kickass::kickass::kickass:
Regarding this thing... A few promos of Galexia album have already gone out although the actual release will be somewhere around ... erm. June?

Also. Ken and I have another thing going on :headbang: As Ken puts it here:

"Marko Eskola and I have started up a side-project which will feature me on all the instruments and synths, and marko on all the vocal tracks along with possibly recording all the bass tracks as he is a sick bassist. The style is down-tempo trip-hop meets alt rock a mixture of Portishead and Chromakey stylesynths and trip-hop with more lively parts similar to Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead. Kinda going ?! to that description!? well trust me it'll rip."

Well I seriously doubt the me-on-bass thing but other than that I'm very excited about this! Once we bother to discuss details I'll make some actual news.
I'm all about the element of surprise, keep delaying albums until everyones forgotten about it! :)

It's an amazing album and it will be released in retail within the next 2-3 months MAX. 2 months after that release the new Galexia album "The Maze" will also be released in full retail.

Hope Marko is free for the 7 big Euro festivals galexia is playing in this summer, one of them is infront of over 400K+ people when we are on stage with a 70 minute set time :)!!!!

Posters, Tshirts, Buttons, Hats etc will be availible online at the same time the self-titled debut is released. buy buy buy