Finland in September


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May 16, 2001
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A bit off topic, but the Mrs and me are thinking of taking a long weekend in Helsinki in September. It'd be cool if we managed to take in a show while we were there. I saw that Children Of Bodem were playing in September but I can take 'em or leave 'em really.

Do the Finns on the board know of any other shows around? Finntroll would be cool! Maybe 69 Eyes or HIM to keep the Mrs happy?


Lee B
Finntroll is playing September 20th (Thursday) on Tavastia (I remember you mentioning being there before :p heh) with two currently unknown bands.

Nightwish plays on "Can You Festival" (? no idea what this is..) September 1st (Saturday) in VR makasiinit, in the very center of Helsinki

Children of Bodom on Tavastia September 14th (Friday).

HIM seems to be touring Germany throughout September, and The 69 Eyes' home page has no tour info for September yet.
Thanks for the info! Looks like I'll be leaving a day early for the Finntroll show :)

Yeah, I saw Emperor at that venue. Cool place!

I'll try and find a cheaper hotel this time though.. Last time I asked Spinefarm to put me in the same hotel as Emperor, not realising it was the most expensive in Helsinki (The Ramada Continenti..). The bill was worse after Emperor cleared my mini-bar two nights running...!!

Lee B
Presidenti! That's right! They wouldn't let me into the casino because I was too drunk. I would now like to thank the man who stopped me, as I probably would have lost my house :)

I just saw the Hotel Kamp on a website. They're actually doing a deal on the place for the time I want to go. Is it close to the venue? The Presidenti was literally just around the corner, but too expensive.. Sorry to be a pain in the arse, but do you know of any hotels close to the venue that are maybe a little bit cheaper? Maybe about 500 / 600 marka a night?


If you weren't too drunk to stroll around the Helsinki center you also must have seen the Market Square and the Esplanade Park next to it. :heh: Hotel Kämp is right next to the Esplanade Park, which is about five to ten minutes walk away from Tavastia.

Actually I think all the distances in the center are piddling. :) Finish your beer, get moving, talk and smoke a fag and you're there!

I'll check around for the prices and let you know if I find something below 1000 FIM a night. De nada.
I don't remember a great deal about Finland, I'm afraid :) I was still drunk on the flight home the next day!

I actually found a pretty good site that lists all the main hotels, etc. So far it's a choice between Hotel Helka or Martta Hotelli.

Will you guys be around at the Finntroll show?

Lee B