....For all you Opeth fans....


Aug 31, 2001


We just finished recording our 1st demo.. 3 songs were recorded. If you like Opeth, DT, In Flames, you should like what we do.. We come from Montreal...

Songs: www.mp3.com/decadawn
Website: www.decadawn.com

Thanks a lot.. I hope you'll like what you'll hear..

Well it is hard to get any sort of response when your only posts have been to push your band. You would have a bigger response if you had first at least made friends here.

Still from what I hear of your music, it sounds ok. The problem is not all of us have fast internet connections. Because I can only hear a low quality stream, your music sounds like it has been played in a tin can. There is no way I can give you a solid review, or praise, with what I can hear at this time. If I ever find an MP3, I will be sure to let you know what I think.
Hey decadawn, jaime bien votre stuff, ils sont rarent les bands comme vous autres au Quebec. Entk je pense bien. Pour des tounes démos, ca sonnent tres bien. Jaime bien Dust In Veins surtout, meme si jécoute pas beaucoup de ce style la dhabitude.
Un peu d'influence de Quo Vadis peut etre dans votre musique? :p

Anyways bonne job, continuer comme ca. Vous pouvez peut etre monter le son de la bass dans le prochain mix, ca serait un + tant qua moi (je suis bassiste moi meme donc jaime ca entendre la bass!)