Forgotten Tomb – Love’s Burial Ground


Jul 15, 2001
The starry attic
Forgotten Tomb – Love’s Burial Ground
Adipocere Records – 2004
By Russell Garwood


Italy’s Forgotten Tomb are not happy bunnies. In fact, they are quite probably suicidal bunnies. Their music is mid-paced black metal, with heavy doom leanings. Guitars rely on heavy distortion, and dirge-like arpeggios, cleaner in tone. The latter are often slower than a suicidal bunny wading through treacle, while the contrast in styles helps maintain a tricky balance between providing enough melody to covey emotion, and creating an unforgiving sound. The vocals are a caustic black metal screech – often sounding more like howls of despair, they lack variety yet remain compelling. Crushing drums are well performed, in both slow/mid-paced sections, where they drive with seemingly with unstoppable momentum, and the slightly faster black metal passages, showcasing solid double-kick and occasional blasts. Underpinning these is the prominent bass, which tends to be simplistic but effective. Three atmospheric pieces come courtesy of MZ412’s Nordvargr, and prove a welcome addition to the otherwise unremitting album.

This is all topped off by clean, well balanced production, laudable and relatively unusual for such a style. This release, courtesy of Adipocere has a censored front cover, the original being on the booklet’s reverse. Love’s Burial Ground comes recommended to doom and black metal fans, a well crafted release. Just don’t play it to your bunnies…


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