FS: Bernie Rico Jr Hesperian 8 String w/ Duncan Nazgul & Sentient (EUROPE preferably)


Count Blastula
Nov 20, 2009
Regrettably I'm selling my Bernie Rico Jr custom 8 string, only reason is I have huge amount of taxes to pay by November. I am primarily a 7 string player and something has to go.


It is the most brutal, aggressive sounding guitar I've owned. Sounds huge and pissed off, wood combination and scale length has lots to do with it.
Neck is very thin and super comfy, it shreds. Again, bummed about selling it but shit happens.

- Hesperian Slant body shape
- 8 string, 24 frets
- maple neck through
- mahogany wings
- ebony fretboard
- 27.5 inch scale
- abalone offset dots
- purple/blue quilt top
- Seymour Duncan Nazgul bridge
- Seymour Duncan Sentient neck
- Hipshot bridge
- Hipshot locking tuners
- 3-way pickup selector switch
- 2-way split-coil switch
- volume knob with BKP 550k pot

It originally had a killswitch instead of a split-coil switch, my tech changed it. It had BKP Aftermaths (photos are with Aftermaths) but I swapped them for Seymour Duncan Nazgul bridge & Sentient neck, much more balanced in this guitar. It is in perfect conditions, both aesthetic and functional. No dings, no scratches, plays superbly.

Accessories: original BRJ Hardshell case included with various accessories and hand-signed document of origin

Location: Udine, Italy

Contact Info: email francesco.filigoi AT gmail.com

Feedback: lots of selling/trading here and other forums, user "francescofiligoi" on eBay with 100% positive feedback.

Price: 2199€ - I prefer to ship within Europe but if you cover expenses I'll ship internationally.

Pics and vid:








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Sick! Thought about doing purple on mine, but ended up going blue, instead.

Someone's gonna get an awesome guitar, my Hesparian is the best guitar I've laid my hands on (and I've owned some VERY expensive guitars)!