FW rant


Apr 6, 2002
Fort Collins, CO
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Fates Warning are one of my favorites bands. More specifically, I love what they produced in the mid-part of their career...No Exit through APSOG. On either side of those albums, I still enjoy both AtG and Disconnected. Beyond that I dont really listen to the rest of their catalogue.
I don't mind the new direction but I do not care for 75% of FWX. I like both OSI and Engine and will occaisionally pop in the new John Arch. But where the hell are they going to go now, assuming they will continue. I loved Zonder with Fates, I do not care to hear Nick DV with them for some reason, however.
Its time to finish this giant turd they are taking and step it up a notch for the next release. Please dont try to replace Zonder though. Get some fresh blood in there and liven things up a bit. I won't hurt I promise. There are tons of great drummers that would probably love to play with Fates. How about John Macaluso? He would have an interesting take on Zonder in a live setting and he would definitely add something to the new directioin JM seems to want to go in. Or...how about Johnny Tempesta for something a little different? His work on Testament's Low is awesome. He's got just enough progressive elements and just enough metal influence to give them a bit of an edge again. I don't know, but do something decisive, unique and edgy. APSOG was such a great twist to their sound...do they have anymore interesting twists left to throw at us?
And honestly, I think Ray sounds more in his element lately when he is singing the Engine material. So please let him mix up his vocal styles on the new material a bit more. He can't do the high stuff consistantly in recent memory...he still kicks all kinds of ass with the Fates material just without the high stuff...but his voice has changed with age and wear and is just better suited for his mid range. Oh yeah, keep Aresti in the line-up. FW material sounds fine without him in most cases, but with him it sounds like the music is complete.
And would it hurt to put a little effort in the live shows? We don't require dinner theater or anything like that but one of the things missing from most prog shows is the show. If I wanted to listen to the album played perfectly I can listen to the albums. Throw some extra lights in there, at least set a mood or something.
I just want to see one of my favorite bands pull themselves into the next wave of their career leading the pack again, instead of trying to keep up with it.
Who knows, maybe they are sitting on some amazing material and I will have the opportunity to eat my words. That would be fine...
Who should they consider for the open drum slot, if not NDV? IIRC, it hasn't been filled permanently.
hmmm...never thought of him but that would be an interesting mix. I dont think Jim would ever dig that deep though, which is too bad as he would miss a lot of good drummers. As much as I love Zonder I want to see Fates with the guy who writes and records the parts on the album in a live setting...especially if its Zonder...
and i'd like to thank you, joel, for introducing me to fates....or was that chris? hummm? can't remember.

and ben, you for tons of tunage. :cool:
I think it was me...but ya never know...Im glad you dig them. They are truly one of the greats! Or at least were ;)

Ben is good for a lot of music recommendations. even when he bashes a band he still is getting their name out there ;) But seriously, he has steered me in many new directions.
ben, almost broke the bank on my music budget in about a year. but between you, jax, ben and various others on the orange fw board i was introduced to a lot of good stuff.