GAMMA RAY 30 Years of Awesomeness Livestream show


God of Thunder
Apr 1, 2005
near KC
GAMMA RAY Announce 30 Years Of Amazing Awesomeness Livestream Show

"Hello metalheads, we have great news for you! The Rays will celebrate 30 Years of Amazing Awesomeness!

We want to invite all of you to join the party of our exclusive and only show in 2020. In this time of Corona we can’t do shows like we want to, so we decided to do a live streaming and set up a big stage in the ISS Dome in Düsseldorf, Germany. Eleven cameras will capture the very best of 30 years amazing power metal. This awesome event takes place on Thursday, August 27th at 20:00 CET and will be sent out all over the globe in a HQ Live stream..

So! Don't wait any longer, get together with your friends, buddies and homies to enjoy the concert of the year together from the comfort of your home.

Get your ticket here. Stay tuned for more information!"