Gigs Galore


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Apr 14, 2001
Perth seems to be the place to tour (unless your D666 ...pffft have fun in Dynamo... dicks ! )

We got Alchemist , Dreadnaught ad Frankenbok all commin up...still awaiting the Dungeon Tour dates Timmah !!

Plus a shit load of quality locals gigs as well

man it's cool to be in the perth metal scene atm for more info on all things perth metal...they got a msg board as well...but it's not as funky !
Don't worry, there are much better bands in this country than D666 anyway. They're better known for their name than owt else. I must say, the Melbourne scene has been rather good this year too.
Originally posted by Aces_High
...still awaiting the Dungeon Tour dates Timmah !!

Yeah, yeah! I know!! HAHA!

We're gonna be all over the place in the next couple of months - Adelaide, Broken Hill (!!), Canberra, Melbourne and very likely Brisbane in July (Yaaaayyy!) then with any luck, it's into the studio to record!

By that time, we'll be absolutely BROKE!! So, we'll have to do a few high-paying gigs to build up the bank balance again.. Once we get enough money to get there (believe it or not, it's like $3000+ for us to get to Perth with all of our crap!) we're there! :)
Lord Tim so you are going out to Broken Hill . where are you playing at is it the "Night Train " in the Theatre Royal Hotel in the main drag of Argent Street .

Frankenbok and Dreadnaught suck sorry :) hahaha

I've seen Frankenbok 3 times and Dreadnaught twice... BORING!

D666 are pretty good live... brutal as hell, but not my thing. I'm not into them. They do have a strong presence live though.
No, in the Entertainment Center actually! That place is huge! Too bad there's not more venues like that in Sydney!

Useless trivia: We used to rehearse at the Night Train every week and in fact, most of our gear was stored under the stage during the time the disco was on so if anyone wanted to score a free drum kit, all they had to do was peek under the curtains!
Yeah I know the Entertainment Centre , don"t Laugh but I went a saw John Williamson live there many moons ago on a double blind date with a mate who was into "Country" . Fuk did I get Blind .
Me too!! HAHAHA!

I also saw Sherbert, Ted Mulray Gang, Slim Dusty (!! HAHA! See what having no entertainment as a kid in a country town can drive you to?!) and - get this - AC/DC in 1976 or so at the (then) Civic Center!

Wow... Us on the same stage as Sherbert...! We love you Darryl! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I was chatting to Matt (Maiden Australia) and he's putting together a show that we're involved in later this year sometime, maybe August.

I don't want to say too much because it's Matt's thing and it's still in the planning stages, but I have a feeling it's gonna be a monster! :)
If a certain someone would stop gallavanting all over the country and stay put near Newcastle like he should, may we could do that! HAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding, Chris! :)

I'm up for it any time we're not elsewhere but finding time to organise anything is the most difficult part! Man, we need a manager!