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Jan 4, 2003
La Flandre
I think people into Lunaris will be pleased by this one...

The new album ELITE is released by Black Owl Records and is somewhat in between of Opeth, Thorns, Satyricon, Fleurety, Ulver, Enslaved, Khold,...

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Tracklisting (mp3 samples):
1. Sagittarius
2. Xibalba Be
3. Create & Renew
5. The Fifth Birth
6. Zenith Point
7. Cosmogenesis
8. The Astronaut Of Palenque
The new album will be released as a digipack and is set for June this year through the Dutch label Descent Productions. Guests on The Fourth Era are Peter (Thurisaz), Zahrim (Panchrysia), Bart (ex-The Quiescent), Roel (Ill Fares The Land) and Jurgen (Theudho).

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http://gorath.blackmetal.be - http://www.myspace.com/gorathblackmetal - http://www.descent-productions.com

More news as soon as possible...
German label Fog Of The Apocalypse have just released a free promo sampler CD-r, together with Eternity Records.
Other Fog Of The Apocalypse releated news is the pressing of "Elite's" LP version has started.


1/ Schattenheer - Legion des Blutes
2/ Astrofaes - Shu Nun
3/ Svartnar - Vanskapt Vatdag
4/ Gorath - A New Age
5/ Myrkwid - Act 14
6/ Beatrik - The last wandering...
7/ Typhus - Black cum...
8/ Kyla - Insignificance
9/ Iad - Penitentiam agite
10/ Northern Frost - Unsere Stärke ist unser Sieg
11/ Obscure Anachronism - Disaggregation

site Fog Of The Apocalypse
site Gorath
"Verzweifelte Melodien, die für eine dunkle, Angstheischende Atmosphäre sorgen zeichnen GORATH aus." DARKNESS (8/10)

"Gorath haben ein wirklich tolles Album geschaffen, dem ich es wünsche, dass es die Art aufgeschlossener Hörer bekommt, die sich die Zeit nehmen, sich mit dem Songmaterial angemessen auseinanderzusetzen. Das hat
"The Fourth Era" nämlich verdient."

"Belgium is more and more turning into Hellgium, and as a black metal fan I certainly feel no regrets about that…" VAMPIRE MAGAZINE

"In certain passages very detailed and calm melodies disclosure, lying softly in the background. Those melodies have something very mysterious." HATEFUL METAL

"On ‘The Fourth Era’ blackmetal is successfully used as a solid base to create a work which sets out to
seek new borders of the genre without drowning in overdone style twists."

Although many of his riffs are pretty straightforward, they contain a lot of tension and emotions. The songs tend to evolve and unfold a story. LORDS OF METAL (85/100)

One of the strong points of this cd is its diversity; instead of being based upon continuously repeated riffs & rhythms it's the abundant variation and swift breaks that define the tracks. GOTHRONIC (8,5/10)

If you would combine Keep of Kalessin, Satyricon, Enslaved, Cadaver Inc, Thorns and Emperor, it would result in The Fourth Era. METALRAGE (95/100)

Classic in-yer-face Black Metal crashes down upon you like an avalanche of giant boulders with seeringly harsh riffs that drip venom from every pore. DARKSOUL VII

Het eigenzinnige element zit vooral in het gebruik van diverse afwijkende, cleane zanglijnen, veel tempowisselingen en andere vervreemdende elementen. Deze zaken geven het geheel een apart sfeertje, Dupont betreedt duidelijk niet de geijkte paden. AARDSCHOK (78/100)

De band is vrij origineel en vernieuwend, iets wat ik toejuich in een genre als black metal.De eigen stijl manifesteert zich het beste in de sfeer die de band neerzet. Drukkend, mysterieus, onheilspellend en bij vlagen agressief. ZWARE METALEN (80/100)

Next year Gorath will be doing some gigs for the first time in the band's existence.
* First confirmed gig:
2007-3-31 @ Muziekodroom (Hasselt-B)
With Insanity Reigns Supreme, Syrach and Natan
* Also:
2007-6-2 @ Azijnfabriek (Roermond-NL)
with Dimensen F3H (more TBC)
* More to come...
Gorath will perform on two compilation albums:

- Rise For Victory Compilation (PL) with Balmog, Adultery Ossatorium, Abusiveness, Deneb, Perunwit, Isolated, Darkness of Hymen, Theudho,...
- Descent Productions/Soulseller Records sampler (NL) with Ikuinen Kaamos, Mourners Lament, Svartahrid, Black Crucifixion and Repugnant.

Gorath will enter the Shumcot Studio (Demonizer, Aguynguerran, Paragon Impure,...) for drum recording and mixing August this year. At this moment almost all vocals, guitars and bass guitars are recorded at our own Crestfallen Studio. Gorath's 3rd album will be entitled "Misotheism" and will hold seven tracks, lasting all together for about 45 minutes.

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Upcoming live assaults:
2007-05-11 @ Tilburg (NL) with Crucifixion,...
2007-05-12 @ Aarschot (BE) with The Reckoning,...
2007-06-02 @ Roermond (NL) with Dimension F3H,...
2004-08-25@ As (BE) with Secrets Of The Moon,...

Bookers: get in touch!
LP Elite (2007)
German Fog Of The Apocalypse (home of Nachtfalke, Pest, Caedes, Dark Fortress, Astrofaes,...) released Gorath's 2005 debut "Elite" on a classic LP containing different artwork. Go to the merch section for ordering your copy.

CD Elite (2005)
The CD version of "Elite" is quite hard to find and Black Owl Records is dead for some time now. Perverted Taste (DE), Unborn Productions (NO), Fog Of The Apocalypse (DE), Avantgarde Music (IT), Supernal Music (UK) are selling some last copies.

CD The Fourth Era (2006)
Still available! Look at the Gorath site or the Descent Productions website.

CD Misotheism (2007/2008)
During the month of August the new album will be recorded and mixed. The release is set for the end of the year or the beginning of 2008. Descent Productions and Gorath will hold a special release party... More info will be posted soon.

Upcoming shows:
25.08.2007 - Vlamrock - As (BE) with Dark Funeral, Secrets Of The Moon, Serpentcult,..
23.09.2007 - Oude Danserije - Roosendaal (NL) with Onheil, Saeculum
19.01.2008 - Lido - Leuven (BE) with Aborted, Gorefest, Crimson Falls,...

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The coming weeks Gorath will enter the Shumcot Studio recording the drums for the upcoming album entitled "Misotheism". The seven songs on the record form a special lyrical concept about Gnosticism and are the fastest, hardest and most direct Gorath have written up to date. Vocal guest contributions by Jurgen S. (Theudho), Bart Goffinghs (Hollowtone) and Tijs Vanneste (Oceans Of Sadness). Descent Productions have set the release date for the ending of this year.

1. Gnosis
2. Apophasis
3. Abufihamet
4. Sophia
5. Metempsychosis
6. Abraxas
7. Sicarii
"When Den of Metalism Records/Haarbn asked me whether I was interested in officially releasing both Gorath demos, I wasn’t really keen on the idea. After all, the demos sound inferior to the later Gorath releases and musically Gorath’s style has evolved since then. Nevertheless I’m still proud of “Haunting the December Chords” and “The Blueprints for Revolution”, so a Russian release of the demos, that were mainly spread in Belgium and Holland, is a good idea."

F. Dupont

1. The lizard creature
2. Suppress my grief
3. Lake
4. The fall of Winter
5. Countess Bathory 2003 (cover Venom)
6. Revolution has no deadline
7. Aeons glow in the sun
8. White deep an embrace
9. Countess Bathory 2004 (cover Venom)
10. The precession (demo) >>> http://www.myspace.com/gorathblackmetal

total running time: 54:07

At this moment Gorath's third album "Misotheism" is being mixed at the Shumcot Studios. For the first time Gorath have recorded real drums. The coming months the album will be send to Sweden where Dan Swanö will take care of the mastering. Wait and hear...

05.10.2007, Baroeg Rotterdam (NL) - Galhammer, Skitliv, Sauron
20.10.2007, Biekorf Heist o/d Berg (BE) - Fleshmould, Arctic Frost,...
17.11.2007, Destroy Rock Gruitrode (BE) - Gino's Eightball, Koncept,...
08.12.2007, Pand Demonium Antwerpen (BE) - Thurisaz
19.01.2008, Lido Leuven (BE) - Aborted, Gorefest, Crimson Falls,...


Gorath's 3rd album MISOTHEISM is a concept about heresy throughout history, mythology, legend and lore. Mixed by Reinier Schenk at Shumcot Studio (Aguynguerran, Paragon Impure, Demonizer,...). Mastered at Unisound by Dan Swanö (Katatonia, Dissection, Edge of Sanity,...). Out on Descent Productions spring 2008. Two new songs (GNOSIS & METEMPSYCHOSIS) are listed on My Space.

New site: http://gorath.blackmetal.be
New My Space: http://www.myspace.com/gorathblackmetal

upcoming gigs:
19/01/08 - Lido (Leuven, BE) - With Aborted, Gorefest,...
23/02/08 - Biekorf (Heist-o/d-Berg, BE) - With Apocryph, Arctic Frost,...
10/05/08 - Hippodroom (Kuurne, BE) - bill TBA
Gorath have just released their third album "Misotheism". Produced by Reinier Schenk (Paragon Impure, Demonizer, Fleshmould,...), mastered by Dan Swanö (Dissection, Opeth, Katatonia,...). "Misotheism" is a concept about heresy throughout history, mythology, legend and lore.

T-shirt + new CD = 20 euro p&p included! Pictures and info online at homepages.

Low budget video for METEMPSYCHOSIS:

Live clip Ireland show:
Some latest press quotings:
Aardschok: 80/100
Blackfuel: 80/100
Digital Steel: 85/100
Disagreement: 9/10
FYU: 91/100
Lords of Metal: 85/100
Metal Crypt: 4,5/5
Metalfan: 83/100
Metalstorm: 9/10
Mindview: 5/7
Zware Metalen: 82/100
Next shows:
20/9/2008: Tilburg (NL)
4/10/2008: Hasselt (BE)
8/11/2008: Houten (NL)
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