Gradually going broke...


I have the power
Apr 14, 2001
Brisbane, Australia
Yeah, so I went back to JB for the fourth time in less than a week, and bought more stuff. Sigh.

Spock's Beard, "V"
In Flames, "Lunar Strain - Subterranean"
Stratovarius, "Infinite"
KISS, "Double Platinum"

I also bought "The Bridge on the River Kwai" on DVD - awesome movie!

Hopefully this will be my last post of this variety for a while :)

PS: In Flames are deadset legends, it must be said. No idea if I have all of their albums yet (perhaps I should check) but I'm getting pretty darn close.
I know the feeling spiff, i once spent 380 dollars in one go at utopia, it was worth it as i got a lot of good cds, so it was ok, and i regularly spend about 100 or 200 dollars there every pay.
Its lucky i have no life and can afford it! :D

Kem: Alive 3 rules! Forever is SO good on that cd, so is heavens on fire! Oh hell, they are all good, what a great cd! :)
I remember the good old days of walking into Virgin, HMV and Tower, newly paid in copious amounts of pounds sterling, and blowing a fortune on CD's and vids. Walking round to Picadilly Circus and spending hours on a Friday night, the city pounding outside, while I peruse the metal section in HMV. :)

I miss those days. :(

If it's any consolation Spiff, I went broke on March 13th 2000. Don't fear it. You get used to going without lunch, working overtime without special rates, and making do with one pair of shoes. Really.

I'm just going to stand over here and cry for a while. I promise I'll be quiet. :mad:
my first visit to utopia i took a list of cd,s and $500 and spent the lot walked out with 16 cd,s but very happy now i try to limit my spending was on the day motorhead played the horden pavillion if you all remember around 1992 fuk im getting old arnt i.....
yeah being broke sux!!!! :(
I was s'posed to pay bills today but couldn't get money from ATMs (lines down or somethin')
So I took my only $50 from my wallet and thought "how many Cds can I get with this..."
answer: 3!!:D
ram it down - priest
holy diver - DIO (whoohoo I finally got it :D )
triptonic - tea party ( for Shar.... not a bad albulm!)

I've decided JB is the place to shop!!!!:D

It's no fun being broke......but if you go broke from having fun...well thats alright!!!!
CROWLEY......what's this "old" bullshit???? I'm older than you!!! If you say we're old again, I'll come around there and beat you over the head with my walking stick!!!........ Ya little wippersnapper!!!!

OLD is what you drink.........not what you are!!!!!

sory merly i meant to say i feel like an old !
well it has been a while since school though and today is my 4th anaversary with pepsi......
about bloody time you got holy diver and ram it down

jb is the place to shop in newcastle