Apr 29, 2008

Band Biography:

In 1997 we, GUILLOTINE, released our debut album called “Under the Guillotine”. Now 10 years after – we’re are back, have the original line-up in place and are currently working on our follow-up. The only thing different now is the addition of a second guitarist – the music is still the same bone crushing thrash metal. More songs and info to follow soon. Stay tuned. Blood Money.


Country Of Origin: Sweden


Fredrik Mannberg - Vocals/Guitar
Daniel Sundbom - Guitar
Nils Eriksson - Bass
Efraim Juntunen - Drums


'Under the Guillotine' Demo 1995
'Under the Guillotine' Full-length 1997
'Blood Money' Full-length 2008

Myspace page:
When "Under the Guillotine" was released I guess a decade ago it was universally bashed, I believe it had something to do with the press rantings written by Joker Lokison that went something to the effect of "these guys have perfected the timing that Kreator never had" - haha. But really, I think the guy's right.

To this day I still play this disc. I wonder if the upcoming album will have the same "old school packaging" like the one Jens Ryden did for the debut.
Old news, I know, but had to chime in & say that "Blood Money" is just an amazing album. Visceral, fast & crunchy. Highly recommended & light years better than the debut.