Hails from Melbourne, Australia


New Metal Member
May 25, 2012
Hail fellow Metalheads!

I've known about this forum for a while but just haven't had much time to join and post here. Finally I have a bit of time I can put into hopefully being a productive part of the UM forums! I host a radio show every week on RNWZ Radio and am also a program director there as well.
I hail from Melbourne, Australia as the title of my thread states. My music tastes vary from Hard Rock, Classic Metal, Thrash and some Death and Black Metal as well. I'm not into any of the 'core' music apart from some Hardcore!
I do play guitar, although not professionally any more and have played in a few local bands here over the years including Sithlord (relatively unknown, although some members did end up playing for Hobbs Angel Of Death for a while).
I hope to catch up with other like minded Metalheads here. If you'd like to tune in to my radio show each week the details are in my sig. If any bands would like airplay just holler at me and I'll make sure to include your music into the show as well as the stations off air rotation, and will do interviews if wanted! :headbang: