Hammerdrone - melodic blackened death metal


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Nov 13, 2012
Hail everyone,

Just wanted to introduce Hammerdrone to you all. We are a melodic blackened death metal band from Calgary in Canada. Our debut EP can be streamed here:

Hammerdrone on Bandcamp

We also recently put out a music video for "A Demon Rising", which follows a band of masked madmen on a brutal hunt through the Canadian Rockies.


Click Here

Hope you enjoy.


Aristocrazia (Italy): “...musicians of this kind can only get my unconditional support”
Don’t Shut Up (Nepal) “...a strong declaration of [their] arrival.” 8.75/10
Ave Noctum (UK) “...this is a band to watch in the future.” 7/10
MetalBite (US) “an EP worthy of the term Masterpiece” 8.9/10
NOIZZ Webzine (Spain) “do not miss the fantastic A Demon Rising” 7.5/10
Metal Impact (France) “... chaotic sound...very strong for a debut EP” 7/10
Mondo Metal (Italy) “...great work by the ‘demons’ of Calgary, a beautiful EP”