Happy -late- Birthday Thor!

Hi Chris,
My name is Ayelen, and i'm from Rio Gallegos, Santa Cruz (Argentina)
I'm writing this -while listening to Megadeth- to wish you a very very happy birthday. I know that you probably won't read this, but as a loyal and big fan, i have to.
I want you to know how much I admire you and love you. I'm gonna be honest, I only know you since last year, May to be more exact. But i didn't need more to fall in love with you and your music.
You're an amazing guy and I know you love your fans as much as they love you. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to meet you or any of the guys from Megadeth. But I know I will someday, I hope.
I wanted to thank you -and the rest of Megadeth- for being there for me, always. With your lyrics and solos. Megadeth is not only my favourite band, is pretty much my life. I don't know what I would do if you split up. This is my favourite formation, because it is the one which I met the band.
And also thanks to you September 16th of 2012 is the best day of my life. Why? Because it was my first Megadeth concert. I still remember that day like it was yesterday. That concert was just the best i've ever been, the perfect night. All thanks to you and Dave, David and Shawn.
Anyway, I wanted to make it small. So.. Have a very happy birthday Chris. I love you very much and wish you and all your loved ones the best.
A lot of love from a small part of Argentina,
; Ayelen.

PS: I'm sorry for my sucky english. : )
And I also can't wait for Super Collider! It is going fast. Hope you do great with it.
Oh, and one more thing... Please, come to the South of Argentina. You have lots of fans here : )

I actually wrote this on March 6, but I sent it to your e-mail and Stephanie Cabral answered me today (March 22) and told me to post my note here, so you can read it. I could change the note, but I really don't want to, I know is late to say "Happy Bday". But I just wanted you to know that I DO wish you Happy Bday. I hope you had a great time : ) Hopefully I'd see you on October 6th. And again, much love from a small part of Argentina.

I wanted to leave you my blog, which I started just a few months ago. It's in spanish, but I thought that maybe you would like to check it. This is my blog http://eddierattlehead.blogspot.com.ar/