HATEFX: 'Play It By Fear' Video Released


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Sep 30, 2001
Virginia, USA
Following the excellent response to its "Via Obscura" EP and "The Holy Frail" full-length, HATEFX — the Fresno/Livermore, California-based metal band featuring guitarist Glen Alvelais (FORBIDDEN, TESTAMENT, LD/50) — unleashes its third offering, "Under Destruction", featuring its most powerful lineup to date. Boasting members from California, Europe and South America, bringing influences from around the world, HATEFX launches "Under Destruction" independently this week. The album is available now via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and other online music stores. Alvelais is one of the original guitarists of the Bay Area thrash band FORBIDDEN. Glen recorded on the band's debut album, "Forbidden Evil" and "Raw Evil: Live At The Dynamo". In 1992, Glen was recruited as the lead guitarist of TESTAMENT to replace Alex Skolnick. He recorded on "Return To The Apocalyptic City" and "Demonic". "When I first saw HATEFX play live, I was still a spectator," says Glen. "I was impressed by how huge they sounded as a three-piece band. Not only did I get hooked on the grooves, but by their overall show. Shortly after seeing them live, [HATEFX frontman Gabriel 'G' Almazán] contacted me about doing a solo on their upcoming CD and I jumped at the chance. The solo went so smoothly that in a matter of days we were talking about jamming together, which was a no-brainer to me. I've jammed with a lot of great players and bands and HATEFX has that top notch pro-level mentality that I can really appreciate." HATEFX's music video for the first single, "Play It By Fear", can be seen below. Directed by Juan Pablo Arriagada with cinematography and additional footage by Enik Sleastak, the clip includes stunning professional live footage spliced with a live action storyline depicting actual events that tie in with the lyrical content of the song, dealing with extortion, manipulation and blackmail. HATEFX portrays metal with a distinctive factorization of elements. A mix of solid grooves and versatile sonic textures with effective songwriting, the band is often labelled as experimental metal, but its sound also includes thrash, progressive and even industrial elements. HATEFX continues to build a solid following with growing social media numbers, strategically planning their live appearances, ready with renewed energy and will be storming a number of important events this year. HATEFX is:Gabriel "G" Almazán (vocals/guitars)Glen Alvelais (guitars)Dan Sablan (drums)Aaron Richardson (bass)