Heads up, Kids!

Captain Beard

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Sep 6, 2001
NoLordy has invaded your board.
He knows no boundaries of band message boards and will forever message where he pleases. Thanks for you time, and you may now return to whatever you were doing.

(Bows, walks out the front door, and pulls down his pants before the door is shut for a nice ass flashing.)

I see your invasion is more wide-spread than I first imagined. But, you will be in my sights. I will follow - and you will find me a formidable opponent.

Until then - welcome:devil:

(shoots elastic band at ass in front door)
Originally posted by NoLordy Capone

You're lucky I didn't show something else.
My Lord, you have already written in the Nevermore forum about the size of your.... most precious part. Do you have to repeat it all the time? Are you aware of the fact that their might be virgins on this board? (Do I see some bright eyes?) Or unmarried? Or underaged? Do you understand that you contribute to the humiliation of our christian virtues? (or muslim if you like, I saw a Turk in this page! ;) )
Do we all have to become as perverted as you????? :eek:

P.S.: OK, I knot it off. I am persuaded (Will you show us? :D )