Hello, everyone.

Det Som Engang Var

Viking Bastard
Jun 3, 2005
Houston, TX
I have internet, again. I'm using my phone as a wifi hotspot, but when I reach the data cap it's so slow it isn't worth using.

Anyway, I'm moving up quickly at Outback Steakhouse. With my raise taken into consideration, I made about 15 an hour last night. Not too bad for a Take Away person. I have a new apartment with a nice roomate. I will be off probation between June and October. So all is well here.

Had my first girlfriend. Didn't last long, but at least I can say I've finally had one.

How is everyone? I'll be wrapping up a few Empiric songs soon, if any singers have the time.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi.
I'm excited about all the music coming out in 2013. A remaster of Quintessence with bonus tracks, a new Arcturus album, a new Myrkgrav album, new Falkenbach. It's gonna be great. I think Vortex said he's working on new solo material as well, and he's also singing in Jens Ryland (the other Borky guitarist) solo project "God of Atheist." Silly name for a band but I'll take all the Vortex I can get.
Oystein said it on Facebook a couple of months ago. He said there would be a remaster with some "nice surprises" or something along those lines, so I assume it's a few bonus tracks.
I saw the same post. Not sure if anything has been announced officially, but the band has certainly mentioned doing it.