HeXeN Signs With Pulverised Records!

Apr 29, 2008

It is finally now official: Premier L.A Thrash outfit HeXeN is now a part of the Pulverised Records home of the Extreme Metal elite roster!

Formed in 2003 and with 4 demos and the brilliant 2008 full-length debut "State Of Insurgency" later, HeXeN is now all geared up and preparing to enter the studio for a brand new second as-yet-untitled full-length album that will see the light of day in 2011.

HeXeN's brand of blistering Thrash Metal caught the Metal community by storm with their intellectual and thought-out songwriting, and showcasing the fretboard virtuoso twin-axe attack of Ronny Dorian and Tak Arayan; very much reminiscent of Megadeth during their heyday. Having already proven that they are not your average Thrash band, their upcoming sophomore release will promise that the border is going to be pushed once again.

Having recently wrapped up a massive 30-day "Thrash & deTOURED 2010" tour trekking across USA with Rattlehead and Mantic Ritual, the band is now in the midst of preparing another extensive tour in support of Bay Area Thrash legends Death Angel on their "North American Retribution 2011" tour, alongside Bonded By Blood, Lazarus A.D and Early Man.

Watch the entire HeXeN show filmed at the Knitting Factory on 4th of August 2010 during their "Thrash & deTOURED 2010" tour below:

States HeXeN singer / bass-player Andre Hartoonian: "Metallic hails from Southern California world of heavy metal! We are excited to announce inking a deal with our new partners Pulverised Records as of October 2010. We have a lot of plans, the first order of business being entering the studio in a few short weeks. We cannot wait to unleash the album we have been working on for a long time and even though we usually don't like to over-hype, the fact that it will blow you all away is still an understatement.
Another thing is going on tour January-February with our friends Bonded by Blood, Early Man, Lazarus A.D., and the outstanding... Death Angel. Check back with us on our Myspace (myspace.com/hexen) frequently to catch all the latest news and studio footage. 2011 is going to be an extravagant year for us. We cannot wait."

Comments Pulverised Records A&R Manager Calvin: "HeXeN's mighty debut "State Of Insurgency" CD along with some of their demo tracks were sent to the Pulverised's office sometime ago and we were jaw-dropped by HeXeN's sound, and we knew in an instant that we had to pick these guys up.
I had the pleasure of meeting former Century Media Records president Marco Barbieri when he was in Singapore with Warbringer as their tour manager, whom also highly recommended HeXeN during our previous discussions a few months back. Needless to say, signing the HeXeN deal became a hell lot quicker with Marco representing the band! We are very confident that HeXeN has gathered enough demons for the upcoming new album, and the HeXeN boys definitely know their Thrash Metal inside out!"


HeXeN is:

Andre Hartoonian - Vocals / Bass
Ronny Dorian - Guitars
Tak Arayan - Guitars
Carlos Cruz - Drums

HeXeN Official Myspace
HeXeN Official Facebook

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