Hi Everyone!


New Metal Member
Apr 25, 2015

My name is Safir, i'm a french student in musicology and I play guitar and drums.
I'm 17 and I've been playing and learnt by myself for 5 years! I absolutely love progressive metal (Dream Theater, Pagan's Mind, Plini, Animals As Leaders) and I try to make my own songs too.
Above All, I'll try to release an EP in a month on Deezer, Spotify and iTunes. I come here to read about bands that I like and share my music with you guys!

Here is my Soundcloud if you want some songs: https://soundcloud.com/safirlamkhantar

Here is my Youtube channel if you want some covers or my TEASER for my upcomming EP: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC48NxcaciFJJBmZIz3Pu__A

Thank you for welcoming me! :)