Holy Smoke video...


...to the rescue!!!
Apr 13, 2001
Virginia, USA
I was just trying to explain to Tonci the Holy Smoke video... he's never seen it. Anyway basically my description was "Imagine Janick and Steve playing soccer, Dave fly fishing and the clip making you cringe more than the Raising Hell video" - is that an accurate description?? Does it take the cake as being the worst Maiden clip of all time?

While we're discussing this perhaps some of you might like to give your thoughts on the best Maiden clip too... :)

Thank you come again.
Their best one is that live Top Of The Pops thing they did in Germany that time where they all switched instruments! :)

Can I Play With Madness was pretty cool, though! (Unlike Holy Smoke - I agree, that was pretty shit!)
i don't think maiden have ever really been that good at making videos
I love that video - it cracks me up..... It would have to be the least posed video ever.... nice to see people being idiotic and enjoying themselves rather than worrying about how they look to the rest of the world!!