Let me think...

Oh, yes. Yes we are, sir. Right you are.


And here I lay, shackled in the desert. My feeble ears straining to hear the distant chords of your thunderous guitars. My palms pressed firmly to the ground, seeking the tremulous thump of far off drums hammering the air like angry tribesmen.

Though I can not witness your raging cacophony in the flesh, my metal-sheened spirit will throw horns to the air with you instead. Shake the heavens, Shadow Demon! Shake them down!:headbang:
Yes, pictures. It'd be cool to get a few video clips of each band too but i don't know how well that venue is set up for this particular thing. Also, don't know who's got the equipment or the will to do it :lol:

And i won't tape another SD set for fear of having my off-key singing caught on tape again :lol:
And i will say that Shadow Demon DESTROYED! This new line-up is fucking solid. The only real criticism i have is that they need a second guitarist to fill in a few "solo sections" with a harmony or something, but it was phenominal. James owned on vocals, jeff does a kick-ass job at the melodic back ups (which was honestly slightly surprising... sorry jeff! Haha) and of course, Jay ripped those drums up.

Shadow Demon is fucking BACK!!!! :kickass:

Thanks again Jeff for making this show happen!
I knew I was going to surprise some people singing the harmonies, I just hadn't planned on not being able to hear myself doing it. Aside from technical difficulties the entire evening was awesome. I enjoyed the sets by Skelator and Fallen Angels. Skelator are entertaining as hell! Fun stuff. I'm glad all three bands were able to do this show together.