Humality - Australian Groove Metal


Australian Groove Metal
Mar 20, 2011
Hey there UM users

"Australia's Humality gives the alternative music listener exactly what they want to hear
- Heavy grooves, abstract chaos with an underlining intensity that is on the path of destruction. "

Forming in 2005, Humality have proven themselves to the music community to be a quality live band with their creative combinations of groove, intensity and power that will leave you wanting more.
Currently in the writing process for their first full-length album "The Proximity Effect", Humality will not back down from the task of impressing every listener with their original groove orientated metal. With their new material on the brink of erupting upon the live stage, an album in the lurk (2011), extensive touring in the near future and an intense live show this is not a band to forget about.

Any feedback will be appreciated

Cheers, Humality
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