Jan 18, 2002
Any one cd $10 USA and $14 World
Any two Cds $18 USA and $25 World
Any 3 Cds $24 USA and $36 World
Any 4 CDs $30 USA and $46 World
More Than 4 cds 7.00 Each or $11.00 World

Most Cds are in New Condition. Email me at for any additional info.

3rd Highest Human Form Raptures Asylum Prod 2000
Aanal Beehemoth Forest Paranoid Suffering Jesus Prod 2008
Abhorred Wallowing In Utter Chaos Notcommon Records 2005
Ablaze In Hatred Deceptive Awareness Firebox Music 2006
Ablaze In Hatred The Quietude Plains Firebox Music 2009
Acephala Infraction Cerebral Occupation More Hate Prod 2008
Aerosmith Pink Cd single 1997 Columbia
Aggression Moshpirit Xtreem Music 2009
Alebrije Alebrije (2004) El Chopito Records Promo CD only
All Shall Perish Hate Malice Revenge Amputated Vein Records 2003
Andras Iron Way Enheit pro 2008
Androphagous VS Toxic Revolution Split CD FDA Rekotz Records 2008
Anima Damnata Agonizing Journey Through the Burning Universe Pagan Records 2003
Anoxia Intense Killings Pathos Prod 2004
Aposepsy Anocencnr Amputated Vein Records 2011
Arallu The Demon From The Ancient World Epidemie Records 2005
Arcanum Sanctum Fidus Achates More Hate Prod 2010
Arkayic Revolt Deaths River Punishment 18 Records 2010
Arsis As Regret Becomes Guilt Negative Existence Records 2007
As Night Devours The Sun Destroyers From The Western Skies KillZone Records Va Artists Black Metal 2005
Asguard Wikka More Hate Prod 2004
Ashes Of Destiny Desolate Figures Self Release 2007
Atrocity Let War Rage Mad Lion Records 2009
Aurora Borealis Mansions Of Eternity Nightsky prod 1996
Aurora Borealis Time Unveiled Nightsky prod
Aurora Borealis Relinquish Nightsky prod 2006
Aurora Borealis Timeline: The Beginning and End of Everything Nightsky Pros 2011
Avenger Feast Of Anger Joy Of Despair Grom Records 2009
Avsky Mass Destruction Pathos Prod 2007
Awaiting The Autopsy Couldn't Tell The Bodies Apart Amputated Vein Records 2009
Axamenta Ever Arch II Tech Ture Digi Shiver Records 2006
Beastcraft Dawn Of The Serpent Grom Records 2006
Beheaded Recounts of Disembodiment Forever underground / Crash 2002
Bellgrave My Soul Is My Gun Self Release?? 2004
Bestiar Inferno Invert Mad Lion Records 2007
Bethlehem Dictius Te Necare RedStream Records 1996
Bethlehem Dictius Te Necare Digi version RedStream Records 1996
Bethlehem Sardonischer Untergang Im Zeichen Irreligioser Darbietung Red STream 1998
Bethlehem A Sacrificial Offering RedStream Records 2009
Bethlehem Stonkfitzchen Red Stream records 2010
Bitchslicer III Lycanthropic Fellatio Notcommon / Pathos prod / Worldeater Records 2007
Blasphemer On the Inexistence of God Comatose Music 2008 w/ Sticker
Blasphemer Devouring Deception Comoatose Music 2010 W/ Postcard ad flier
Blasphemy Rites Hideous Lord Pagan Records 2010
Blaspherian Infernal Warriors of Death Deathgasm Records 2011
Blodfest Lejres Fald Redstream Records 2010
Blood Devotion Defile Of Innocence Helevete Prod 2008
Blood I Bleed High Octane Thrash Self Made God Records 2007
Blood Thirsty Demons Misanthropy My Kingdom Music 2010
Blood Thirsty Demons Let The War Begin My Kingdom Music 2010
Bloodboil Festering Fornication Amputated Vein Records 2006
Blooddawn Metallic Warfare Mad Lion Records 2008
Bloodride Crowned In Hell Violent Journey Records 2011
Bloodsoaked Sadistic Deeds Grotesque Memories Comatose Music 2009
Bloodthirst Sanctity Denied Pagan Records 2009
Born Of Sin Imperfect Breed Of Humanity Unexploded Records 2009
Burial Divinity Through Eradication MWA Records 2009
Cadaveric Crematorium Grindpeace Punishment 18 Records 2008
Caducity Destination Caducity Shiver Records 2009
Calciferum Dirge Of Gjallarhorn Self Release 2009 X2
Calm Hatchery Sacrilege Of Humanity Self Made God Records 2010
Cardiac Arrest Cadaverous Presence Epitomite productions 2008
Catheter Preamble To Oblivion Self Made God Records 2002
Cease Of Breeding Sounds of Disembowelment Amputated Vein Records 2010
Cele Kula The Moonlight & The Misty Night Raptures Asylum Prod 1999
Cephalotripsy Uterovaginal Insertion Of Extirpated Anomalies Amputated Vein Records 2008
Cerebral Effusion Impulsive Psychopathic Acts Comoatose Music 2010 w/Sticker
Christ Agony Trilogy Pagan Records 1998
Claim The Throne Triumph And Beyond Digi Prime Cuts Music 2010
Coram Lethe A Splendid Chaos Punishment 18 Records 2009
Cosmic Atrophy Codex Incubo Suffering Jesus Prod 2008
Count De Nocte Sorores Nocte Genitae Mad Lion Records 1998
Count De Nocte Luctisonus Dolor Mad Lion Records 2005
Crank Sanatra Another Wasted Summer Digi ASP Records 2007
Crest Of Darkness Give Us The Power To Do Your Evil My Kingdom Music 2007
Crimson Moon Xepera Xepar Xeperu Deathgasm 2 cd Box style set 2007
Crying Blood Animae Damnatae Xtreem Music 2009
Curse Void Above Abuse Below Schwarzdorn prod 2011
Cyanosis Conceiving Abhorrence Amputated Vein Records 2008
Dagor Dagorath Yestzer Ha Ra More Hate Productions 2009
Dantalion All Roads Lead To Death Xtreem Music 2010
Dark Armageddon / Thy Majesty United By Hellfire Split CD Nocturnal Empire Records 2006
Dark Disciple Kill Everything Worship Nothing Mad Lion Records 2006
Darkenhold A Passage To The Towers Ancestrale Prod 2010 X2
Dawn Of Azazel Relentless Prime Cuts Music 2009
Dead Infection Human Slaughter Till Remains 2008
Dead Infection Corpses Of The Universe Self Made God Records 2009 Digi
Deaden Hymns Of The Sick United Gutteral Records 1998
Deathgasm Records Destruction of the Heavenly Realms Vol VII
Deathstar Golden Feathers Werewolf Productions 2010
Deinonychus Warfrare Machines My Kingdom Music 2007
Demigod Let Chaos Prevail Xtreem Music 2007
Den Nordiske Sjel / Nidhogg Split CD Noctural Empire Records 2009
Desensitised Virus of Violence Pathos Prod 2006
Deteriorot The Faithless Xtreem Music 2010
Detonation Portals To Uphobia Osmose prod 2005
Devast Art of Extermination Deepsend Records 2008
Diabolic Excisions of Exorcisms Deathgasm Records 2010
Diamatregon The Satanic Devotion Monokrom Records 2000
Diftery Trepa Nation Amputated Vein Records 2011
Disfigured Amputated Gorewhore Death Grind
Disentomb Sunken Chambers of Nephilim Amputated Vein Records 2010
Dissection The Somberlain The End Records /Black Horizon Music 2006 Double Digi cd
Dread Cerebral Mutation Self Release 2008
Dream Steel You My Kingdom Music 2008
Deus Diabolus The Warrior Of The Setting Sun Nocturnal Empire Prod 2005
Dysentery From Past Suffering Comes New Flesh Amputated Vein Records 2008
Edema Default Punishment 18 Records 2009
Eden Beast Passivity Causes Genocide Amputated Vein Records 2008
Embalmer 13 faces of Death Pathos Prod 2006
Embers Of Life Dark Conspiracy More Hate Prod 2005
Empyrean Quietus Prime Cuts Music 2008
Encoffination Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh Self Made God Records 2010
Endovein Waiting For Disaster Punishment 18 Records 2010
Enmity Vomit Forth Intestinal Excrement Amputated Vein Records 2008
Enshrined Derevelation Unexploded Records 2006
Epping Forest Everblasting Struggle Unexploded Records 2008
Eternal Ruin Leukorrhea Denied Existence Split CD Amputated Vein Records 2003
Eternal Ruin Decomposing Salvation Amputated vein Records 2006
Eternal Silence Between The Unseen Baphomet records 2001
Eternal Suffering Recollections Of Tragedy & Misery Digi Pathos Prod 2011
Eviscerated ST Amputated Vein records 2008
Exence Hystrionic Punishment 18 Records 2009
Ezurate Infernal Dominatio Rotting Corpse Records 2007
Fall Of The Leafe Aerolithe Firebox Records 2007 X2
Fimbulvet Kriegerwahn Nocturnal Empire Records 2009 X2
Finsterforest Zum Tode Hin Einheit Prod 2009
Finsterforest Urwerk Double Digi CD Enheit prod Sealed
Forest of Impaled Rise & Conquer Red Stream Records 2007
Fourth Monarchy Amphilochia Helvete Productions 2007
Fuelblooded Off The Face Of The Earth My Kingdom music 2010
Gardenian Soulburner Nuclear Blast 1999
Gemisuadi Live Like An Animal Fuck Like An Animal Amputated Vein Records 2004
Goat The Head Doppelgangers 2010 Aftermath Music
God Forbid IV Constitution of Treason promo 2 song sampler 2005 Century Media Sleeve
Godless Cruelty Gott Im Chaos Gestorben Nordsturm Productions 2007
Godless Rising Rising Hatred Pathos Prod 2006 X2
Godless truth Arrogance of Supreme Power Amputated Vein Records 2005
Goratory Orgasm Induced Diarrhea Amputated Vein Records 2002
Goratory Rice on Suede Amputated Vein Records 2004
Goreality Perverse Depraved Indifference Pathos Prod 2007
Gorezone Brutalities Of Modern Domination Xtreem Music 2009
Gothmog A Step In The Dark Xtreem Music 2009
Grey NR Night Unto Gardarika Musikk 2011
Grievers Reflecting Evil Punishment 18 Records 2010
Grotesque Museum Of Human Disease Prime Cuts Music 2007
Ground Control Dragged Punishment 18 Records 2010
Hangatyr Helwege Nocturnal Empire Records 2010
Harvist Wolfskin Clad Stronghold Records 2008
Hatetrend Violated Violent Journey Records 2010
Hatework The Actual Worst Has Come Punishment 18 Records 2007
Headshot As Above So Below Firefield Records 2008
Hell-Born HellBlast Pagan Records 2001
Hellbastard The Need To Kill Self Made God Records 2009
Hellebaard Fier Gardarika Musikk 2009
Hell's Thrash Horsemen Going Sane HTH Prod 2010
Hermh After The Fire Ashes Pagan / Witching Hour Records 2008
Himinbjorg Where Ravens Fly Red Stream 1998
Hirax Assassins Of War Self Made God Records 2007
Hirax Not Dead yet Self Made God / Black Vomit Records 2008
Holocaustum Crawling Through The Flames Of Damnation Dark Horizon Records 2011
Horror God Cold Shine More Hate Prod 2009
H.O.S The Beginning Punishment 18 Records 2011
Hospice Land Of Eternal Night More Hate Prod 2006
Hour Of Penance Disturbance Xtreem Music 2003
Human End Break The Chains Self Reelase 2006
Immortal Remains Everlasting Night My Kingdom Music 2009
Impaled Nazarene Manifest Redstream / Osmose 2007
Imperial Crystalline Entombment I.C.E. Self Release MCD
In Mourning Shrouded Divine Aftermath Music 2008 Digi Sealed
In Quest Epileptic Goodlife Recordings 2004
In Ruins Four Seasons Of grey Metal Blade 1998 Hole Punch barcode
Incarnated Some Old Stories Self Made God Records 2007
Infernal Angels Midwinter Blood My Kingdom Music 2009
Infest Onward To Destroy Grom / Zero Budget prod 2009
Infidel Destruction of Mecca Butchered records Promo. No Front Cover promo
Introrectalgestation Hooves of Human Teeth Amputated Vein Records 2010
Judas Iscariot Dethroned Conquered & Forgotten Redstream Records 2000
Judas Iscariot To Embrace The Corpses Bleeding Redstream 2002
Kadavar ST Punishment 18 Records 2009
Kataplexia Supreme Authority Xtreem Music 2008
Keitzer As The World Burns FDA Rekotz 2008
Keitzer Descend Into Heresy FDA Rekotz Records 2011
Kenos X-Torsion My Kingdom Music 2010
Khashm Dark Path To His Throne More Hate Productions 2009
Korgull The Exterminator Dogs Of War Xtreem Music 2009
Krieg The Church MCD Cicatrix / Redstream Records 2001
Krieg Destruction Ritual Redstream 2002
Krieg The Black House RedStream Records 2004
Kurgan And Green Grasses Are Freezing Slowly Gardarika Musikk 2008
La Guns L.A. Long time dead cd single 1994
Laments Of Silence Restart Your Mind My Kingdom Music 2010
Legen Beltza Need To Suffer Punishment 18 Records 2011
Lethian Dreams Bleak Silver Streams Orcynia Records 2009
Lividity The Age of Clitoral Decay United Gutteral Records 2000
Lord Agheros As a Sin My Kingdom Music 2008
Lowfat / Onset Of Serious Problems Split CD Suffering Jesus Prod 2011
Lugubrum De Totem Blood Fire Death / Redstream Records1999
Lux Occulta Major Arcana The Words That Turn Flesh into Light Pagan Records 1998
Maggot Shoes Fear Terrorism FDK Rekotz Records 2008
Magna Mortalis Onward Self Release 2009
Majestic Downfall Temple Of Guilt Concrete / Personal Records 2009
Malveillance Just Fuck Off Suffering Jesus Prod 2006
Malveillance Consentir A Labsurde Suffering Jesus / Sabbathid Records 2010
Malodorous Amaranthine Redolence Amputated vein Records 2007
Malamor Dead To The World Amputated Vein Records 2004
Malebolgia Requiem for the Inexorable Comatose Music 2009
Maniac Butcher Masakr 2010 Negative Existence Records 2010
Meinhof The Rush Hour Of Human Misery FDA Rekotz 2008
Mek Na Ver Heresy Misanthropic Art Prod 2009
Methedras Katarsis Punishment 18 Records 2009
Mirrorthrone Carriers of Dust Redstream Records 2006
Mona De Bo Nekavejies, Sis Ir Speles Ar Tevi Doom I Love You Records 2009
Moravska Zima / Slavigrom Split CD Werewolf Productions 2008
Mononofu Lights of Sunset Seen From Kozuki Castle Amputated Vein Records 2008
Mormant De Snagov Rise From The Void Winter Sunset Records 2010 X2
MortJuri Desoulate Nocturnal Empire Prod 2008
Mortal Coil & Transcending the Mundane Compilation cds.
Transcending the Mundane Compilation
Mortal Form Taste The Blood My Kingdom Music 2008
Mucopus Mulch Amputated Vein Records 2005
Munruthel Oriana Tales Gardarika Music 1999 Digi
Murkrat ST Aesthetic Death 2008
Murkrat Drdging the Mire Atesthetic Death 2011
My Funeral Carnal Obduction Violent Journey Records 2010
Myhrding ST Unexploded Records 2011
Natassievila Iter Lethalis Dark Horizon Records 2007
Nebiros Komando 666 Fallen Angel 2008
Nechochwen Algonkian Mythos Dark Horizon Records 2008
Necromorph Grinding Black Zero FDA Rekotz Records 2011
Necrophagia Black Blood Vomitorium Red Stream Records 2000
Necrophagia Harvest Ritual Vol 1 Coffin Records / Red Stream 2005
Nechochwen Azimuths To the Otherworldindrune Recordings 2009
Neuropathia Graveyard Cowboys Self Made God Records 2003
Node Sweatshops Punishment 18 Records 2002
Node Das Kapital Punishment 18 Records 2004
Nomad Demonic Verses Baphomet Records 2004
Nomansland Farnord Enheit Prod 2009
Nominon Monumentomb promo Deathgasm Records 2010
Non Opus Dei VI: The Satanachists Credo Pagan Records 2005
Nortt Graven Redstream Records
Nortt Ligfaerd Redstream Records 2005
Novembers Doom Into Nights Requiem Infernal The End Records 2009
Novembers Doom The Knowing 2 CD Set The End Records 2010
Nuclear Vomit Obora Mad Lion Records 2008
Oakenshield Gylfaginning Enheit prod 2008
Odroerir Gotterlieder Enheit prod 2010
Oblomov Communitas (Deconstructing the order) Werewolf Productions 2009
Odem Rape Your God And Pray For Reprieve Self Release 2010
Of Celestial The Strange Infinity More Hate Prod 2009
Omission Thrash Metal Is Violence Xtreem Music 2010
Omission Merciless Jaws From Hell Xtreem Music 2011
One Master Forsaking A Dead World Self Release 2006
One Master The Quiet Eye of Eternity Self Release 2009
Ordog Remorse Violent Journey Records 2011
Ouija Adversary Xtreem Music 2010
Parricide Kingdom Of Downfall Mad Lion Records 2003
Pathology Surgically Hacked Amputated Vein Records 2006
Pathology Age of Onset Comatose Music 2009
Pathology Incisions Of Perverse Debauchery Comatose Music 2010 Digi
Patria Sovereign Misanthropy Helvete Prod 2010
Penance Parallel Corner Century Media 1994 promo Sleeve
Perversus Stigmata Interstellar Hatred Void More Hate Productions 2009
Pessimist Call To War Firefield Records 2010
Pessimist Evolution Unto Evil Deathgasm / Pathos Prod 2008
Physiology Of Darkness Lunar Trinity Raven Circle / Dark Art Records 2010
Pistons We're Pistons Suffering Jesus Prod 2007
Pistons Besthoven Split cd Suffering Jesus Prod 2010
Poema Arcanus Telluric Manifesto Digi Aftermath Music 2006 Sealed
Profanum Aeternum Eminence Of Satanic Imperial Art Pagan Records 1997
Profanum Misanthropic Floris Pagan Records 2002
Psychofagist Hybrid Viscery Selfless Spite Split Amputated Vein records 2003
Ptahil Anti-Flesh Existence Stronghold Records 2010
Putrid Scum ST PW Productions 1995
Quo Vadis Infernal Chaos Total Metal / Metal Scrap Records 2010
Rage Against The Machine Bullet Self titled1992 Sony
Raven Throne As The Shadow Through Death Gardarik Musikk 2008
Raven Throne Eternal Dark Gardarika Musikk 2010
Reactor Updaterror Mad Lion Records 2007
Redrum World De Termination More Hate Prod 2007
Refleshed Collapse Firefield Records 2010
Retaliation Exhuming The Past 14 Years of Nothing Self MAde God Records 2008
Rex Satanachia First Legion Of Hell Grom / Take It Or Leave It Records 2008
Rigorism Cold & Pain More Hate Prod 2006
Runemagick / Ocean Chief Split CD The Northern Lights 2006 Aftermath Music
Sadus Out For Blood Mascot Music 2006
Sanctus Daemoneon The UnaVoidable Negative Existence 2010
Saratan The Cult Of Vermin My Kingdom Music 2008
Saratan Antireligion My Kingdom Music 2010
Satans Host Metal From hell Label ??? Year ??? CD Only No covers, promo.
Sathanas Nightrealm Apocalypse Pagan Records 2009
Sator Marte Termonuklearni Evoluce Humanity's Plague prod 2008
Screaming Forest Black Kingdom of Lust More Hate Productions 2009
Seirim Kill War Chaos Cudgel 2002
Selfhate At The Beginning God Created Fear Self Made God Records
Severed Crotch The Nature of Entropy Amputated Vein Records 2011
Shock Troopers Blades and Rods Punishment 18 Records 2010
Sickening Against The Wall of Pretence Amputated Vein Records 2011
Sigh Gallows Gallery The End Records 2007
Sigh Imaginary Sonicscape The End Records 2008
Sigh Scenes From Hell The End Records 2010
Sin of Angels From The Ashes NotCommon Records 2005
Skid Row Breakin Down Cd single 1995 Atlantic
Sleipnir Bloodbrothers Gardarika Music 2010
Smashed Face Human Earth Parasite RNP / Nice to Eat you Records 2004
Smashed Face Virulent Procreation Digi Werewolf Productions 2006
Sonneillon Polymorphous Let Them Come Prod 2009
Sorath Vivimos En Perpetua Guerra Metal Breath Prod 2003
Sorgsvartv Vikingid Og Anarki Enheit prod 2008
Soul Grind The Darkest Down Elegy records 1998
Spiritual Decay Closer To The Grave Dark Horizon Records 2006
Stillness Blade Break Of The Second Seal The Eternal Damnation Punishment 18 Records 2010
Stiny Plamenu Odpadni Galerie Naga Productions 2005
Strandhogg Ritualistic Plague Evangelical Death Apotheosis Pagan Records 2009
Strychnos Undead Unsouls Unbound FDA Rekotz Records 2011
Stormcrow Massgrave Split CD Self Made God Records 2009
Stumm I Aesthetic Death 2006
Styggelse Heir Today God Tomorrow Unexploded Records 2009
Subliminal Crusher Endvolution Punishment 18 Records 2008
Suffering Souls Sadistic Goat Complex Schwarzdorn Prod 2009
Suicidal Vortex My Existence A Series of Thoughts Amidst Infinitive Darkness Afflicted Phonica Arts 2004
Suture Morbid Sculpture Demonology Amputated vein Records 2004
Svartpest Ved Den Drabelige Inngang Til Helvete Baphomet Records 2003
Svarttjern Misanthropic Path Of Madness Schwarzdorn Prod 2008
Sylvan Realm The Lodge Of Transcendence Reverie Recordings 2011
Symbolyc Engraved Flesh My Kingdom Music 2009
Tales Of Darknord Stalingrad War Episodes More Hate Prod 2004
Tanatossis The Darkest Reflections Xtreem Music 2010
Terminally Your Aborted Ghost Slowly Peeling the Flesh From The Inside of A Folded Hand Macabre Momentos Records 2005
Thalarion Lati ST Heretic Sounds 2007
The Furor Advance Australia Warfare Prime Cuts Music 2005
The Gathering Souvenirs The End Records 2003
The Gathering Home The End Records 2006
The Heretic Gospel Songs In E Minor Xtreem Music 2005
The Lurking Corpses Lust for Blood Dark Horizon Records 2006
The Murder Industry Death Motivation Xtreem Music 2010
Thorns Of Evil Old Souls Of Destruction Hollehammer prod 2010
Throneum Deathcult Conspiracy Pagan Records 2009
Through Your Silence Whispers To the Void My Kingdom Music 2008
Thrudvangard Zwischen Asgard & Midgard Enheit Prod 2007
Thrudvangard Durch Blut Und Eis Enheit prod 2010
Thundra Ignored By Fear Enheit prod 2009
Ticket To Hell Man Made Paradise My Kingdom Music 2008
Ticket To Hell Operation Crash Course My Kingdom music 2010
Tjolgtjar Ikarikitomidun Lord Of The Forest Suffering Jesus Prod 2008
Tribute To Repulsion FDA Rekotz Records 2010
Truculency Eviscerate The Paraplegic Amputated Vein records 2009
Umbrtka IVO Werewolf Productions 2010
Undergang Indhentet Af Doden Xtreem Music 2011
Unholy Grave Grind Killers Self Made God Records 2010
Unholy Ritual Finis Origine Pendet 2011
Unlucky Buried Blast From The Underground More Hate Prod 2009
Unreal Overflows Architecture of Incomprehension Xtreem Music 2006
Urgrund Disciples of Supremacy Baphomet records 2007
Vehement All Thats Behind My Kingdom Music 2009
Verge ST Self Release 2005
Verge / Blood Red Fog Split Because Its Wrong Helvete Prod 2010
Verge To Rest The Last Time In Our Filth Helevete Prod 2008
Vermis Mysteriis The Flame Of Hate Empire / More Hate Records 2007
Vespers Descent Reality Dysfuction Prime Cuts Music 2008
Vidharr Eclipse Helvete Prod 2009
Vidres A La Sang Endins Xtreem Music 2006
Vidres A La Sang Som Xtreem Music 2009
Vilefuck What Lies Ahead Is Already Dead FDA Rekotz 2009
Violent Headache / Necromorph Split CD FDA Rekotz Records 2009
Viral Load Practitioners of Perversion Amputated Vein Records 2005
Viral Load Brutalized Beyond Belief Amputated Vein Records 2005
Viral Load Backwoods Bludgeoning Sick Hicks From The Sticks Amputated Vein Records 2006
Voetsek Infernal Command Self Made God Records 2008
Vorkreist Sublimation XXIXA Xtreem Music 2006
Warfect Depicting The Macabre My Kingdom Music 2009
Warmblood Timor Mortis Punishment 18 Records 2010
Wasteform Designed By Disgust Amputated Vein/ Sevares / Pathos Records 2010
Welt Paranoid Delusion Self release
Whorehouse Execution Of Humanity Defense Merch 2009
Winterblut Von Den Pflichten Schones Zu Vernichten Grom Records 2010
Winterwolf Cycle Of The Werewolf Xtreem Music 2009
Witheria Vanishing Order Violent Journey Records 2011
Woe A Spell For The Death Of Man Stronghold Records 2008
Wolftribe Pura Odium RNP 2007
Wojczech Sedimente Self Made God Records 2005
Wojczech Pulsus Letalis Self Made God Records 2010
Worst Enemy Under Ashes Of Wicked Raptures Asylum prod 2009 X2
Xanthos Self titled Self Release 2006 X2
Xasthur Nocturnal Poisoning Blood Fire Death / Red Stream 2002
Xasthur The Funeral of Being Blood Fire Death / Redstream 2003
Xerion Cantares Das Loitas Esquecidas Schwarzdorn Prod 2010
XXX Maniak Harvesting The Cunt Nectar Self Made God / Red Candle 2006
YcosaHateRon La Nuit Baphomet Records
Yskelgroth Unholy Primitive Nihilism Regimental Records 2010
Yyrkoon Unhealthy Opera Osmose prod 2006
A Few More Titles Added

Aborted Fetus Fatal Dogmatic Damage Comatose Music 2010 Sealed
Abuse Like A Virgin Comatose Music 2011 Sealed
Antagony Days Of Night Deepsend Records 2009 Sealed
Aversion To Life Ritualized Murder Comatose Music 2006
Beyond Terror Beyond Grace Our Ashes Built Mountains Deepsend Records 2010 Sealed
Dawn Of Demise Hate Takes Its Form Deepsend Records 2007 New Sealed
Decimation Anthems Of An Empyreal Dominion Comatose Music 2010
Dismallapse Eon Fragmentation Deepsend Records 2009
Domination Through Impurity Essence Of Brutality Comatose Music 2005 Sealed
Embryonic Devourment Fear Of Reality Exceeds Fantasy Deepsend Records 2008 Sealed
Expulsion Wasteworld Deepsend Records 2009
Exulcerate Remnants Of A Cannibalistic Debauchery Comatose Music 2005 sealed
Lecherous Nocturne Adoration Of The Blade Deepsend Records 2006 Sealed
Lust Of Decay Kingdom Of Corpses Comatose Music 2004
Lust Of Decay Purity Through Dismemberment Comatose Music 2006
Reverie Isolation Self Release 2007 Sealed
Sylvan Realm The Lodge Of Transcendence Self Release Sealed
Severed Remains A Display Of Those Defiled Comatose Music 2003 sealed
Sinister The Blood Past Goregiastic Records 2009
Sylvan Realm The Lodge Of Transcendence Reverie Recordings 2011 Sealed
The Cleansing Poisoned Legacy Deepsend Records 2009 Sealed
Vancouver The Moment Deepsend Records 2008 Sealed