I spotted this on ebay

I won this item on E-Bay as well. I love it. The cover picture is one of the best shops of Opeth that I have ever seen. That would make an awesome poster. Plus, the person added a cool grey sticker of the Opeth logo.
Advent, I agree about the picture making a great cover or poster for sure!! It's cool you're happy with it! I think there is not many of those promos around so we're really lucky for our ultimate Opeth collections. I didn't get mine on ebay but I couldn't believe the going-price!! :eek:
Well that was cool you got a sticker as well! :)
Hi Jesse!
No, it's not a bootleg. It's an official MFN promo, it's the packaging that makes it so special really; the cover, case and even the cd has a different design, pink with a black opeth O but it's really big and it's only partly fits on the cd. The fact that there doesn't seem to be too many of em out there make it rare/special in my eye, and it's nicely put together... BUT.. it IS an edited version of the track..so it's pretty tragic when the song ends far too soon. If it was the full track it would definitely rule much more...but like Lee said above, I guess it's a "radio" promo so it's edited.

BTW, I also snagged a THREE-song promo sampler by Zomba! It has Drapery, Blackwater and one other (Harvest if I recall). This one is lime green with white letters (hard to read) and it's just in a cardboard case but it's my first zomba-anything so it's cool! The tracks are also all edited/shortened versions so that kind of ruin it to listen to more than once...as it can't compare to the real cd. Mostly they're just collection items and I want everything Opeth I can get! :cool: