Iced Earth Interview

Seventh Son

Zero Salvation
Apr 16, 2001
Sydney, Australia have got a great interview posted with Matt Barlow. You need WMP to listen to it. But it is about 1/2 hour long!

Not only is there an interview there is a great review of Horror Show (10/10)

Also there is a great interview with James Labrie from Dream Theater.
Did I hear James LaBrie of Dream Theater mentioned???
Thanks 7th Son!!

What do you guys think of James anyway?
Of all the members of DT, he cops the most crap, but I love his voice. It took me a while to grow to him, but now he is in my top 5 for sure!
I hate to say it, but I can't stand him anymore. His voice has seriously gone down hill in the last couple of years. I swear that his balls have shriveled up and disappeared - he hasn't got any depth in his voice anymore.

I much prefer Josh Pincus (Ice Age) and Mike Baker (Shadow Gallery).

Basically I think he deservers all the flak he gets.
Actually, I think James has a brilliant voice! On through her eyes its simply amazing, he is great :)
Heard an interview with Jon Schaffer the other night. Said he'd never ever word with Steve D again. Everything I hear and read about the bearded bassman suggests that he is a complete and utter wanker!
Yeah, he doesnt sound to reliable, and I think the fact that he hasnt given any reasonable excuse for what he did isnt helping peoples opinions about him.

Who wouldnt want to join Iced Earth??? He's obviously a madman!!! :)