Is Anybody Here A Gadget Freak?


Papa Opeth
May 19, 2001
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If it has a plug or a battery, I want it.

10 TV's in my house - why? who knows?
Surround Sound system in living room
also one in my bedroom with 27"TV
2 MP3 players
JVC exec stereo with sub-woofer @ office
just bought new ridiculously powerful computer
multiple cordless phones
various gizmos/gadgets

And what do I get with all of this? Personal satisfaction and debt that rivals the national debt :lol:
Don't know if this counts but in terms of guitar/bass/recording equipment I'm definitely a gearhead. I just can't aquire enough guitars, amps, effect processors, etc. and there's always something else that I want to get. Sometimes the urge to buy certain pieces of equipment is overwhelming! My basement is starting to look like a friggin music store!
10 tvs??
Now thats ridiculous!
2 tvs are fairly enough.
Your obviously rich, you should give money to the now poor Bill Gates. Oh wait, your already giving him money since you bought a 'ridiculously powerful computer'. It might be a Macintosh. :err:
I like to make do with what I have, but I always want new stuff. I'm seriously looking at a new cell-phone, and mine isn't even a year old (it's my only phone, no land line). Camera gear is pretty addictive, but it's REALLY expensive, so I haven't bought anything in a while.

I'd kill for a nice new TV though, since I watch a lot of movies, and mine is shyte. Care to share, metalman? ;)
Originally posted by Confessor
10 tvs??
Now thats ridiculous!
2 tvs are fairly enough.
Your obviously rich, you should give money to the now poor Bill Gates. Oh wait, your already giving him money since you bought a 'ridiculously powerful computer'. It might be a Macintosh. :err:

If you read my last remark - not $$, but debt. Rich? I barely own the bathroom in my house - the bank owns the rest

What good is saved money anyways? And a Mac? Uh - I don't think so.:lol:
Don't be knockin' Macs, now...

Want a professional video editing studio, audio mixing/editing console, DVD-production base, PLUS everything offered by a P.C. (with the possible exception of some games and some inferior software), and the most efficient graphics studio there is, which rarely crashes and has far fewer software conflicts and issues?

I'd KILL for a Mac G4, and then I'd read this forum while designing an album cover, and burning the DVD of my newest movie, in-between audio recording sessions.

Sure, you can do some of this stuff on a P.C., but it's like cooking soup in a microwave. Possible, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Oh, and incidentally, buying a Mac puts money into Bill Gates' pocket anyways, a lot of Apple has been bought out.

My minor irrelivant rant. Thank you, good night (bows).
I don't give myself a chance because I spend all available financial resources on CDs and alcohol culture it seems.

I do like gadgety things though, but mostly from a design / how did they do that? point of view, I guess that comes from doing engineering. One day, when my incoming resources give some kind of surplus, I would like to build my own amp and audio system.
I think this could well be a long time off, given my addiction to the aforementioned and my knack for continually postponing. :)
Yeah, I'm a gadget freak. If I had the money I'd buy every goddamn gizmo that raises my interest, especially the ones with lots of knobs on them (hehehhe Lee, don't start it. :heh: And luke the porn director, no need for you to make a remark of that either, nor any other for that matter. :p For once I don't have to say "no pun intended" cuz this time it was! :)).

All music related gadgets are the ones I drool over (and after) the most (now, remember: we're still talking about gadgets here). Gimme a million bucks and I won't have any problems spending it on gadgets.
haha, yeah i'm the same way, there's too many cds i want.

I'm in this boat. :rolleyes: So, that's when you get really creative. I like to build a lot of things myself. Not like making "Junkyard Wars" contraptions, although that'd be fun IMO, I mean like making due with what I've got. I can't afford piddley squat! This isn't my computer. I don't have one! Can't afford that shit. You kidden me? Maybe this year I'll finally get one with my Christmas Bonus money, but.....wishful thinking. I love taking things apart and putting them back together. The first thing I took apart about 20x was my radio. Get in there. See what makes it work! The most amazing invention ever, IMO, is the speaker. :cool:
Man, the amount of stuff I'd buy if I had the money! I'm looking at buying one of the Rio Volt MP3/CD Players when I go overseas next month (they don't sell that model here in Australia), which should be cool. I mean you could basically fit all of Opeth's albums onto a single CD (in MP3 form). Pretty neat. I've also spent way too much money on computer equipment, stereos, a DVD player and I'm not even gonna tell you how much I've spent on DVD movies and CD's over the years.

I think it's going to hit me soon though, because once I get back from overseas I think I'm going to be broke. :)
Originally posted by Oyo
It's worse for me though, I am a jobless, carless student, my only source of income is money from doing yardwork :lol: .

Hey I only work about 2 and half hours a week, but I get like 55 dollars, which is a pretty damn good deal, like 20 bucks an hour(a little over actually), couldn't pass that offer up, especially since the work isn't too hard.

this is during the school year, work full time in the summer, although I might do both next summer, that'll be good money...