Is anyone following the Mustaine/Slayer shit that's going on at the Megadeth Board?


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It's pretty wild. Dave has been saying all this weird shit about how he wants to bring the great American metal bands together for a tour (Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, and Pantera). I can't believe some of the shit coming out of his mouth, it's just so not Dave.

Anyway, some Slayer fan wrote in and said a whole lot of shit about Megadeth and how they've sold out and fucked over their fans just like metallica did (don't know if I agree with that!).

The crazy part is that Dave responded to this guy's post. Dave didn't scold him. He listened to the Slayer fan's words and really acknowledged everything that the guy said. I can't fucking believe it. YOu wouldn't believe that Dave would let someone get away with saying all that shit. At any rate, what would you guys think about such a tour?
I think that would be really fucking awesome, but tickets would be god damn expensive, and there would be problems iwth finding ou twho would go one when. Knowing Metallica as of late(Lars specifically) there would be whining and bitching. But they could just do what they did at the Van s Warped Tour(some punk thing if any of you don't know) they would randomly draw who goes on when. At least that's what I heard. So, if it did come together, that would seem to be one way to fix and obvious problem of who goes on when.
That's some pretty crazy shit... but it sounds positive in the megadeth camp... hopefully we get the real megadeth back...

In fact, i hope we get the real megadeth, metallica, pantera, and slayer back, because they've all gone on paths that are, well, shit. :D

Will there ever be another 'Risk?' No. Will there ever be another 'RIP?' I certainly hope so, just as long as it doesn't sound identical.

I hope that is true... risk was a bad album. And actually, i wouldn't mind a RIP II, that would be awesome.
I think it is great... Dave has been a great guy the last while, I completely despise Risk, but World Needs A Hero was simple but at least heavier and better than risk. I just saw Megadeth a while ago and it was excellent... They seem to be going in an upward direction, so it is cool.
kill em all is far less than RIP in my book... Metallica can go to hell for that album anyway, since most of the material was written by mustaine in the first place and he told them not to use his material, obviously they didn't listen... they even jacked songs by him up to master of puppets... Dave created the sound that people think Metallica did.
I don't want a Rust in Piece II. I don't want a follow up to one of the greatest metal records of all time, because it won't even come close. I am ready to eat my words, because I like Megadeth a lot, but I have no confidence with Mustaine's writing, even on TWNAH, that it will measure up. I think his lyrics on the latest were very good, but the music left something to be desired, like he wasn't sure how to be heavy now that he was returning to that genre. We'll see I guess.
Not to be a complete smartass, but there already is another Rust in Peace. It's called Kill 'Em All.

What the fuck was with that comment dipshit?!

Kill 'em all is a shit album that is a rippoff of Diamond head, a little Led Zepplin, and a bit of sabbath. And kirk hammett really needed to learn how to play something else than a pentatonic scale, that fucking blues shit is useless, totally worthless. And BTW, he stole the solo of 'the four horsemen' from dave, and dave's version is much faster and beter.

Wheras Rust in Peace...! That is an awesome album. All the modal arrangements and passages that have actually been thought through would dwarf kirk hammett's 'hey look at me, i can play double stop bends!!' technique. Dave and Marty are awesome guitarists, (listen to holy wars, or hangar 18...)

..And no, you don't sound like a smartass, rather like a complete fool that knows absolutly nothing about music.

Here's a tip, go get the score for RIP and study it very well, note the complicated and progressive arrangements and structure of the songs, and note the technical guitar parts and the solos... THE SOLOS!!!! THEN, get the score for Kill 'em all, and note that kirk hammett can't play for shit, and note that AT THIS POINT (i love RTL, MOP, AJFA by the way, totally awesome releases!!) james hetfield couldn't write or structure a real song. The only bearable song on K'EA is The four horsemen.... and gues what???? Dave wrote and structured most of it... and wrote the solo.

Personally, i don't care for any of Megadeth's records after Countdown... but there is no way that you can honestly beleive that mustaine stole the style from metallica, because frankly, megadeth and metallica (old stuff, both bands) are two totally different styles of music. And you can kiss my ass if you think they are the same.

Mustaine MADE metallica what it is today. without mustaine, there wouldn't have even been a 'KILL EM ALL', not even 'call of ktulu' (learn to spell james!!!). In fact, metallica would still be a shitty (hah, and they're good now????? no!!!) garage band doing bad covers of black sabbath songs, and james would have a fucking desk job selling office equipment and answering phones.

I can't beleive that such a small statement could have pissed me off to this extent!!! :lol:
hey doctor!! where the fuck did you get your phD Wanker Institute For The Deaf?
KEA can't touch RIP with a 10 foot pole, Trapped is right on the money with everything he said

the few good things on that album are all Mustaine and the rest is a cheap NWOBHM wannabee...

the only great album they have is MOP, which is really just a better version of RTL...same style of intro same themed songs in same order (including instrumental)

AJFA has it's good points, but it gets boring in alot of places and the production is just does get the award for worst drum fills of all time (snare,snare,snare,snare,snare,cymbal)

don't even need to get into the rest of their catalogue...think about it, the only metallica shit worth listening to was written by 2 people that are no longer in the band (dave and cliff)

How do you get Kirk Hammet to commit suicide?
Throw his wah pedal of a 30 story building and watch him dive after it!