Is everyone prepared for Labor Day?


Aug 30, 2001
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My dumb ass forgot to get to the liqour store yesterday...but I was in the grocery store today and so happy to see they carried HARP beer and CIDER JACK....mix them together and you'll get a drink a special friend had me try....A SNAKEBITE, BABY! Have a great (and drunk) holiday people! And drive safely!
No money - I wasn't able to cash my paycheck and the banks are closed...DOH!!

Hey mgp, take care, don't get sick again :)
Yah girl, I made a note not to mix shots and different drinks - but once you're wasted, you forget sometimes. This time I'm safe at home and I won't be talked into doing fucked up shots, or just "one more." HAHAH.
Well, if you were here, you know I'd share with ya!!!!:)