Is Sinbreed a Christian Band?


Jul 22, 2010
I love Sinbreed. But after reading into the lyrics a bit, I find Christian hints and references. Is it simply because of Herbie being a Christian as well as the vocalist for Sinbreed. Or does Sinbreed consider itself Christian?

- M@RS
This thread was obviously posted after their first CD, which did seem to lean that way. However, their latest CD, Shadows, is very dark and suggestive of one leaving his faith, giving doubt to Ryan M's exuberant response above. it should also be noted that neither Flo nor Herbie have made any public statements of faith since Sinbreed's inception, either via FB or interview, at least not that I've seen.

With that in mind, I would say that Sinbreed, the band, is not a Christian Band, a la Seventh Avenue, Harmony, Darkwater, Theocracy, etc. Those bands and others like them are very open with their faith and their lyrics make it quite clear what it is they are singing about.
Since the new album was announced recently, I checked what BearDad said before and below are some lyrics of the song "Reborn" (don't be fooled) Clearly they should no longer be considered a christian band.
Reborn in rage and ego
My chance has come at last
I'm burning down the bridges
To overrule my blinded past
Don't need no lord no master
I dump my crown of thorns
Never again I'll follow
Never again
I'm reborn"