Is there anybody out there???


Witchy Woman
May 31, 2001
West Auckland, NZ
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Hello - about time I got online and hopefully there is someone online to give me some shit...... Is there anybody OUT THERE???:loco: What are you doing??? I'm sitting here waiting for some interesting conversation...... know any good jokes???

*** I am in the process of moving house.... we bought the coolest house with stained glass windows and a huge kitchen and decks off every room, such a god party house... it is awesome - once we move in I'll post picture of it.... anyone whose visiting NZ can come and stay - heaps of room!!!***
Hey Morty :)

Well I probably didn't catch this in time hey. Guess what everyone!!!??? I just finished all my exams :D
SO happy :D
im here, i have 2 hours of work to go then its party time baby!!!!!!!!!!!
im going to galway for the weekend
galway is a cool holiday city on the west coast of ireland
in a couple of weeks im going camping in scotland
... said the traveller, knocking on the moonlit door.

Good to hear from you, Chrissy. In answer to your question, I'm here as always :). Seems like I spend more time talking to you lot on the BB than I do with my friends in the so-called "real world". Why? Because you're all far more interesting!

Jokes, eh? Hmmmm.... let's see.

The county sherriff walks into a saloon in the old west and says to the barkeep, "I been lookin' fer the Brown Paper Bandit. Have y'all seen him?"

"Nope," replies the barkeep. "Never heard of him. Why d'you call him the Brown Paper Bandit?"

"Because," says the sherriff. "He wears a brown paper shirt, brown paper pants and a brown paper hat."

"Is that a fact?" asks the barkeep. "What do y'all want him for?"

"Rustlin' "