James, We Didn't Forget About You

Oh my, signs of life on the SD forum. ;)

I've been playing and creating some cool stuff with (former SD guitarist) Ryan and the chemistry has been great. We've both wanted to keep this at a much more casual pace than SD was so we've got a lot of ideas in various states. And while the type-A personality part of me is a little annoyed at the low output it's been a lot of fun so I'm just enjoying the journey and not stressing on the output side of it.

The project is still unnamed. Mostly because we haven't decided that it needs one yet. :D

Like Jeff mentioned about himself in the other thread, I was pretty burned out when we stopped SD so this is what I needed the last year - low stress but still create and jam with people that I have fun with.

Anyway, we're at the point that we have enough songs far enough along that it's probably time to pick several (roughly 4-6) and start preparing for recording them for release. Don't know if this means in disc format or digital-only at this point. Ryan and I would handle performing the guitar and vocal parts and we'd have someone else perform the drums for the recording. There are a lot of steps from here to there so I don't want to give you any specifics and then let you down but we are and will be progressing and I'll try to keep you up to date as much as possible.
:kickass: Oh yea 2 for 2!:lol:

In all seriousness this is great. Every Shadow Demon fan is glad to know you are still working on 'nameless project' XD.

Its also cool to hear Ryan is back into it.

Are you still using 'secrets' and 'menacing' as whole songs?
Are you still using 'secrets' and 'menacing' as whole songs?

You know the funny thing is that I'm not sure. Ryan and I have been so focused on new stuff that we haven't really had a chat about how these fit into the mix. My feeling is that we'll probably wind up making at least a few changes but we'll see.
Doing ok. Lucky to have a job these days considering my line of work. How goes it with you?

How bout you metalheads? Everyone still gainfully employed?