John Ritter Dead.....thats 3 in a week


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Jul 28, 2001
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I pinched this from one of the guys up at the 'Thrax board cheers man:

LOS ANGELES — John Ritter, whose portrayal of the bumbling but lovable Jack Tripper helped make the madcap comedy series Three's Company a smash hit in the 1970s, has died, his publicist and longtime assistant said Friday. He was 54.

Ritter fell ill Thursday on the set of his ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules ... For Dating My Teenage Daughter, said Susan Wilcox, his assistant of 22 years.

The cause of death was a dissection of the aorta, the result of an unrecognized flaw in his heart, said his publicist, Lisa Kasteler.

Ritter died at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center shortly after 10 p.m., local time, Thursday.

Ritter, a Southern California native who lived in Beverly Hills, came to prominence for his role in Three's Company and had appeared in more than 25 television movies and a number of films.

Ritter, who would have turned 55 on Wednesday, made a successful return to sitcom acting with 8 Simple Rules last year, and the ABC show was scheduled to begin its second season on Sept. 23.

At the Burbank hospital where he died, Ritter was accompanied by producers and co-workers, his wife, Amy Yasbeck, and 23-year-old son Jason, Wilcox said. He is survived by three other children, Carly, Tyler and Stella.

Ritter was the youngest son of Western film star and country musician Tex Ritter. He graduated from Hollywood High School and earned a degree in drama from the University of Southern California.

Ritter appeared in more than 50 plays nationwide and won critical acclaim for his recent nine-month role in the Broadway premiere of Neil Simon's The Dinner Party.

He received an Emmy and other awards for his Three's Company role and was honoured by the Los Angeles Music Center in June with a lifetime achievement award.
John Ritter was good. I hate it when they die young. :(

So Spawny has a name! I thought your mum called you Spawny.
Winmar said:
So Spawny has a name! I thought your mum called you Spawny.
I dont have a Mum, I was created, Frankenstein style :)

What has John Ritter been in that I might know? I have heard his name before, but I cant think of anything he has been in that I know of, the tv shows they listed ive never heard of.