Katatonia: City Burials

Does anyone have the new Katatonia's "City Burials" album yet? I've got a mediabook on backorder with Laser CD, but before it arrives I'd love someone's opinion here about it. I can't be the only one here who likes these guys. Is it as good as "The Fall of Hearts"?
Just listened to it on Spotify. It's got all the standard Katatonia ingredients you would expect, so I would imagine you will find something to like. To be quite honest, I hadn't listened to them in awhile....I kinda have to be in the right mindset, so I can't tell you if it is as good as "The Fall of Hearts".

Just have to remark that I was completely mesmerized at the ProgPower show a couple years back....just outstanding.


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Here are a few good in depth reviews of the album.


BTW, Katatonia (and others) will be hosting live stream shows. Katatonia's live stream will be on May 9. More info here:

Update: The new Katatonia mediabook CD arrived in my mailbox on Saturday. "City Burials" is a really great album. Not relying on musical formulas, to Katatonia's credit, this album stands on its own as a unique addition to their discography. How creative does a band have to be to be continually evolving its sound over a 20 year period? Apparently a lot, and they do it well. I think "City Burials" is a masterpiece, but is it better than "The Fall of Hearts"? It might just be, but to get there I'll have to listen to it a bit more than the 3 days I've had it. It is definitely as good as, and I do like it more than "Dead End Kings".

May 09 Reminder: Katatonia will perform live today at 2pm EDT from Studio Grondahl. The cost is only $10 USD, and this includes access to both the live performance as well as the recording of the performance until June 15. Link to sign up and watch the show:
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Finally got this the other day and I'm really impressed by the album. Definitely one of my tops for the year....and "The Winter of Our Passing" is an outstanding song. Would love to hear it live.
Katatonia just finished their live performance today. It was an incredible show playing a wide variety from their diverse collection of music. Only $10 & well worth it IMHO. If you missed it will be available online for replay until June 15. Sure hope @Harvester can find a way to bring them back to PPUSA before its over. @engmtlhd they did play "The Winter of our Passing".


Here is a review of the live stream:

If you saw their live stream performance from Studio Grandahl, you want to support the band, or you just want another t-shirt Katatonia has made a new t-shirt available for pre-order. It will be released on June 5. Here is the link:

There is now a MetalSucks interview on Spotify:

Also happy 45th birthday to Jonas Renkse. One year closer..
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