Keep of Kalessin


Jan 15, 2005
I just got Reclaim in the mail the other day. Damn this band has improved!! The last album I heard from them was maybe half good but damn this one is amazing. I've read many positive reviews of it and I must say they are spot on. Also the new Behexen is pretty good too. It's good to see some GREAT black metal being made again. :headbang:
If Satyricon's live members are guilty of what they did on their US trip , it's the end of the band.
the only song ive heard is te cover of mayhems "buried by time and dust", and it kicked ass.
"Reclaim" is absolutely fantastic. I especially enjoy the ambience-like, beautiful parts in songs such as "Come Damnation". One of the best Norwegian black metal releases ever.

Behexen's "By The Blessing.." took the 4th position in my Top 25 metal albums of 2004 list. Killer black metal.