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Nov 14, 2005
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For all those who like to get their metal from iTunes we would like to give you the opportunity to check 'em out and grab the gydgets where you can listen to tracks watch video clips and other cool shit. Everything from straight ahead metal to old school black metal, gothic doom, extreme blasting, ambient darknoise and alternative.

Dark Empire Humanity Dethroned: prog/thrash/power/melodic death blend

"Albums like this reaffirm that despite the crap that gets picked up by the boatload these days, there are still dedicated small independent bands like Dark Empire that can pump out the goods. If you bitch about how there is no more good metal coming out these days then get Humanity Dethroned. It shut me up for a few weeks."
Album Of The Month

Lacryma Sanguine: doom with gothic and death metal blends for fans of My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Opeth, Swallow The Sun October Fields

The Raygun Girls modern metal with goth/punk and indie influences featuring the band's brand new single 'Paranoia' from the upcoming album 'Dirt Collector'

PowerDrive: new signings straight ahead metal in the vein of Pantera Alice in Chains

Arum: Old School Black Metal from Sao Paolo in Brazil
"Arum are absolutely incredible! They remind me of a cross between Dissection and Old Man's Child".
Scott "Painkiller" Courtney The Metal Connection,

Church ov Melkarth: ambient black metal mixed with drones and darknoise:
"...This is power Noize on par with bands like MZ.412, Grunt or Brighter Death Now merged with the controlled chaos of Krieg, the drone of SunnO))) and the BlackAmbient textures of Lurker Of Chalice.