LACUNA COIL: Making Of 'Layers Of Time' Video


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Sep 30, 2001
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Behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the video for "Layers Of Time", the latest single from Italian heavy rockers LACUNA COIL, can be seen below (courtesy of The track is taken from the band's upcoming album, "Black Anima", which will be released on October 11 through Century Media Records. Once more, LACUNA COIL teamed up with director Roberto Cinardi (a.k.a. SaKu) to shoot the video for "Layers Of Time". SaKu has worked with the band for many videos, such as the award-winning "Spellbound" (2009), "I Won't Tell You" (2010), "End Of Time" (2012) and the short film with members of the band, "Dark Passengers" (2012). Says singer Cristina Scabbia: "Ladies and gentlemen: we give you 'Layers Of Time'! We are so excited that our first new music from 'Black Anima' is finally released. 'Layers Of Time' will hit you hard — and it's just a taste of what's to come... Enjoy!" "Black Anima" track listing: 01. Anima Nera 02. Sword Of Anger 03. Reckless 04. Layers Of Time 05. Apocalypse 06. Now Or Never 07. Under The Surface 08. Veneficium 09. The End Is All I Can See 10. Save Me 11. Black Anima 12. Black Feathers (deluxe edition only) 13. Through The Flames (deluxe edition only) 14. Black Dried Up Heart (deluxe edition only) Scabbia told HardDrive Radio about "Black Anima": "It might sound really cliché if we say that it's gonna be heavier and darker, but this is actually the truth. Because I don't think that LACUNA COIL has ever been so heavy. And it will be surprising a lot of people, because we experimented a lot of things differently — vocally and musically. "It will be revolving around a book and some other stuff that we can't talk about. And 'Black Anima' is basically translated as 'black soul,' 'cause 'anima' is an Italian word that we decided to use as the title." Added co-vocalist Andrea Ferro: "There's quite a variety of songs, so there's heaviness, but there's also some more melodic tracks that can be more catchy. But it's a very complex record with a lot of different flavors. And we experiment a lot on the lyrics about our lives growing up, experiencing loss or other things that you get more of in the mature age. So we felt the connection with these people that [are] not with us anymore, so we decided to talk about this connection that we feel beyond life." Continued Cristina: "It's a strange combination of sounds that is really difficult to describe. I guess you guys will have to listen to it, 'cause it's hard to describe." Asked if the diversity of the new LACUNA COIL music will lend itself to a dynamic stage show, Cristina said: "Absolutely, because we're touching different themes. And also the styles of the songs — despite being heavy and sometimes even melodic, they're very diverse, one from each other, so that will give us the opportunity to do a lot of different stuff on stage. We have a lot of ideas for the shows that we will play after the release." Added Andrea: "We've also been working with some artists for some of the visual of the booklets that we can reproduce on the live show for the backdrop and all the special stuff on stage." LACUNA COIL and ALL THAT REMAINS will join forces for the "Disease Of The Anima" North American co-headlining tour. The trek includes special guests BAD OMENS, TOOTHGRINDER (September 15 - October 10), EXIMIOUS (October 11 - October 19) and UNCURED.
LACUNA COIL: dietro le quinte del video di "Layers Of Time" In esclusiva per il dietro le quinte del video dei Lacuna Coil per il singolo “Layers Of Time”. Il brano sarà presente sul nuovo album, "Black Anima", in uscita l'11 ottobre 2019 per Century Media Records. Video credits: Isabella D'Alessandro Posted by on Saturday, August 31, 2019​

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