Lacuna Coil review


Mar 26, 2002
Portland, Oregon
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Lacuna Coil.


Lacuna Coil presents Comalies.

Comalies, by Lacuna Coil.

In case you missed the opening song "Swamped" in all of it's gloomy goth goodness, then you catch back up with the second song "Heaven's A Lie".

If there was a sudden accident that wrenched your attention away from songs one or two, then you can jump right back into the drowning sorrow action of Lacuna Coil with song number three, "Daylight Dancer".

So the disc you bought of Comalies was all scratched up and wouldn't play the first three tracks? That's all right. You won't miss a beat when your stereo finally accesses the fourth track entitled, "Humane".

Damn it! You stepped on the remote and the disc jumped clear up to track five, "Self Deception". Don't lose your temper, it's all right, you'll find that same intensity of emptiness here also.

You walk into your friend's apartment and they're playing the new Lacuna Coil album known as Comalies and it's already playing track six, "Aeon". No need to have them start from the beginning, you'll be following right along soon enough.

After one more hit from the bong you realize that new Lacuna Coil is playing from somewhere and it's on song number seven, "Tight Rope". Does that mean you missed six songs before this one? Do you even care?

Your stereo must be possessed because every time you put in the new Lacuna Coil it automatically starts at song eight, "The Ghost And The Hunter". You always wonder what you could be missing, but it really doesn't bother you after awhile.

When you started listening to Comalies, you unfortunately forgot to turn the volume up. During track number nine, "Unspoken" you finally realize that fact. There was no cause for alarm though, cause nothing really changed.

During one of your weekly parities you tossed in the new Lacuna Coil for some background music. Finally one of guests asks if your CD player is broke or set on repeat. You ponder in thought as to what they were talking about when you see that song ten "Entwined" is currently playing.

It was a hard day at work and when you get home you put on Comalies to help you relax. When it gets to song eleven "The Prophet Said", you awake from your nap only to find yourself perplexed as you swear that you "just" hit the play button.

Just a little while ago you started playing that new album by Lacuna Coil and you're starting to wonder when the first song will end. As you check your stereo you see it's all way up to song twelve, "Angel's Punishment".

Finally you sit down and watch the time counter and track listing on your stereo. But when "Comalies", song number thirteen plays, you scream in pure anger because you can't find nor remember the other twelve songs that just passed by!

Rating: 3/5: Lacuna Coil. Lacuna Coil. Lacuna Coil. Lacuna Coil. Lacuna Coil. Lacuna Coil. Lacuna Coil. Lacuna Coil...