Lamentations of the Flame Princess Online Updated!

Jim LotFP

The Keeper of Metal
Jun 7, 2001
Helsinki, Finland

LotFP online has plenty of new updates!

There's been POLLS (woohoo!) and a new MESSAGE/NEWSBOARD added!

This Week's Metal with thoughts on new Ambeon, Agalloch, April Ethereal, Blackmore's Night, Broken as Designed, Crematory, Dragonlord, Finntroll, Hammers of Misfortune, Jag Panzer, Psychotogen, R'Lyeh

An Introducing: Epoch of Unlight interview

The complete Pain of Salvation interview from LotFP #7!

A look back at LotFP #4's opening incendiary editorial!

Updated Top 10 album lists for 1995-2000!

And a picture of me! Woohoo!