Legédesebb barâtom

Awww Jan! :) *hug*
So when will you arrive to Budapest cukorfalat? You didn't answer my email :p

Juli: don't worry, you will learn Hungarian easily! :D Or maybe not easily, but yu will ;)

Protocol: "my sweetest friend". My oldest friend would be "legöregebb barátom"
Because portuguese is part of the latin language family and hungarian is part of the finno-ugrian family?
I know that Spanish, italian and portuguese are pretty similar, but I still don't understand why do we, portuguese speakers can learn spanish and italian so fast and italians and spanish people just can't learn portuguese well (not including the BIG accent they have ;) ) : lol:

And portuguese is not a dooooooh language, it's a very well-constructed language, hungarian is a dooooooh language :p :p :p

Why spaniard and italians can't learn portuguese - you don't think it could have anything to do with that portuguese has 17 cases? I don't know how many italian and spanish have, but swedish has 3, german 4 and finnish 14, and I think finnish and portuguese are the only languages with more than 10. This is all as far as I remember anyway...
no, it's not this, they can learn portuguese pretty well, but they commit some mistakes that we have to hold on not to laugh ;) My grandma is spanish and she speaks portuguese very well (of course, after 50 years living here ;) :rolleyes: )

Yeah, and portuguese is so well-constructed that it's impossible to know all grammar stuff ;)