Lizzard Wizzard (Aus) - Turn Based Stoner Doom


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Nov 10, 2009
Hey Ultimate Metal,

Were a new(ish) stoner/doom band from Brisbane, Australia.

We've been playing together since early 2013 and are essentially four dudes who are stoked on slow and heavy tunes, big riffs and most things sci-fi/fantasy.

We have just put up our first album on bandcamp for “pay what you want” and it's been hitting people pretty damn hard.

For fans of - Sleep / Weedeater / Dungeons and Dragons / Riffs.

Free download:


Album Cover:


Artwork by

Artist: Lizzard Wizzard

Album: Lizzard Wizzard

Year: 2013

Genre: Doom/Stoner Metal/Sludge

Country: Australia


1. Twilight of the Terminator 05:38

2. Total Handjob Future 05:30

3. Chaaaaarles 04:46

4. Bong Dive 04:32

5. Game of Cones 04:28

6. Reptile Dysfunction 05:18

7. Dogs Die In Hot Cars 07:25