Loading drum samples into the EXS24!???!


Apr 8, 2006
I want to load some drum samples with different velocitys into the EXS24 within Logic Pro. I've followed the manual but all I end up with is all the velocity (samples) playing at once when triggered. Sorry, This is something I should known a long time ago, but a what can I say.

any help will be much appreciated,
Thanks :)

Assigning a drumkick from scratch in EXS24 takes a little time and patience. But correct me if I'm wrong you're trying to do layers of samples on one note? If that's the case, go into the edit mode in exs. In the menu zone press "load multiple samples". Choose your files and press ok... Choose "Drums" zone and voila!

But maybe that wasn't what you wanted to do
No thats the problem i'm having. Basically I want various velocity hits on one key, i.e C1. for example dfh samples, the kick has different velocitys assigned to one key, this is what I'm trying to acheive, as I have my own drum sounds (with diff velocitys) that I want to input within my EXS24.
I'd start by relabeling the actual audio files, so that all kicks are C1KickVel0-10 something like that... then 'load multiple' all the kicks into the EXS24 Instrument Editor and select 'drum' when it gives you the load options.

Below the Zone Map, you can select each individual sample and edit them... make sure 'one shot' is selected, and turn on the 'velocity' parameter, and set the light hits to some low velocity 0-30, the next ones to 31-61 etc etc.

Then with your snare's labeled D1Snare blahblah load them up also and select 'drum,' this should layer all of the snare samples onto the D1 key... and do the same with the velocities for each sample...

It's easiest when you have your samples appropriately labeled before you bring them in... best of luck!