Long live Novembre.


Aug 30, 2006
To be honest, about every 6 months I'll go through a huge Novembre kick. They are one of my 6 favorite bands of all time, and for me, I'll usually be into a band per month, then the process starts all over again. For September, it was Opeth. For October, it's going to be Novembre. (haha weird choice of words.)

But yeah, I truly cannot get over how Novembre is still the perfect band after all these years. Because of member changes, I've felt that a couple of my favorite bands like Dark Tranquillity, Opeth, Cradle of Filth, ect ect have gotten at least a little weak. But Novembre with the past two albums have been 100% at the top and I think most of all, its because the whole band has been together for a really long time, and since Carmello and Guiseppe are brothers, I think the musical connection is even stronger. I just especially feel like there's this universal connection there. I mean, the vocals, guitars, and drums always perfectly match the entire setting and mood, and for me, it's totally impossible to decide which instrument I like best. They all do so much for me in this band, and it like each instrument tells a different story when the song is going on. In no way is this band 'just a singer' or anything. Every member is at the top of their writing skills, and in this age, its rare to find great music WRITERS who know exactly what sound each other are going for. There is no band that sounds just like Novembre, and there is no band that I think influences me more with my own creative goals.

The one thing I'm worried about, is that Novembre seem to rarely tour and I'm not sure if the CD sales are high enough to support a band. I mean, Novembre have never seemed 'in it for the money', but there just has to be money made for funds and label support, and to feel like you have alot of fans, and I truly hope that Novembre never fade out of existance and stop doing music. It sounds childish, but I don't want Novembre to end lol! They are way too good of band for that, they are geniuses who probably just haven't had the right promotion. I just don't want them one day to go "well, it really doesn't seem like we have many fans...should we really continue to do this??"

But after all, surely they do have a good number of fans, they got signed to candlelight after all, hopefully that means their fandom at least reaches something more near My Dying Bride's. And maybe their Italian support is big, I don't know. But I truly hope they keep doing music and at least keep trying to attract more fans with music videos and some promotion. They deserve every fan they can get. And every cd sale. Idk. Long live Novembre!

P.S. Just wondering, when I buy any futher Novembre cd's, which website is the best to buy from so that the sales and money really reach the band/label? I usually buy things off Amazon but idk.
I think buying them from the official page would be the best option, but anyway if you buy from Peaceville it's good too. Nice post by the way, the past two albums has been masterpieces so popularity should grow more but... well, Novembre's music is complex and melancholic, it's not an easy task.

In my personal opinion, it's good to introduce Novembre to new Opeth, Katatonia... fans because these bands have good promotion ( so are doing new fans constantly and old fans surely knows Novembre well ).
Many of them after listening some song says: "Novembre are good but Opeth are better". I don't really care about comparisons, they are both great and different but now that fan knows Novembre and very probably likes it because Novembre's music fucking rules :)
It's so strange, I've never once, even upon first discovering Novembre, did I think they 'sound like Opeth'. They both definatly are the rare bands that go for soft, meloncholic old-timey (but not medeival, more like a countryside/old-town sound) music, but at the same time incorperating death metal and growls. Novembre and Opeth have completely different writing styles, sounds, ect ect. Just, it's the easiest comparison.

But they ARE two bands who'd be perfect on tour together, appearantly Opeth is thanked on each album booklet :rofl:.

But yeah, I can't wait till the new cd...I honestly hope there's alot more Materia-like stuff, I loved The Blue, but Materia is definatly one of the cd's that will go down in history in my life. I wouldn't mind if the new cd was more of like, half-materia, half-the blue. Or something completely new. At any rate, I just hope it comes out pretty quick! :)
Just to provide some extra information, if you don't feel like reading the wikipedia page for Novembre which I started a couple of years ago and which has been maintained by several editors since or simply dig the old threads in this forum, here's some background info to complement the reasoning of the bonds between Novembre and Opeth.

Back in the days Novembre were known as Catacomb, there was this "tape trading" movement and they swapped tapes with Mikael and that's when they became 'friends'

Both Novembre and Opeth had their first album released at about the same time and both recorded in the same studio in Sweden, the Unisound Studios, ran by Dan Swano. Where both bands also recorded their second album.

Opeth, Katatonia, Novembre, toured together in europe. Unfortunately, Mikael got sick and was unable to sing, so Carmelo (Novembre's vocals) sang the song 'Advent' on his behalf, while Jonas Renske covered Mikael on some other songs to allow Opeth (who was the main act in this tour) to not cancel their show.

I am saying this off the top of m y head, so some details may have been swiftly adapted. Happy if some one brings some references to the table :)
Finalmente il 28 giugno una bella domenica di sole in montagna: destinazione il Gran bosco di Salbertrand, più precisamente il rifugio Arlaud, località Montagne Seu, consigliato dal papà di Elena.
Partenza alle ore 9.30 dopo una lieta serata trascorsa in compagnia di Flavio, Jessica, Alessandro, Anna, Fabrizio, Simone e mia sorella che festeggiava il compleanno e a sorpresa ci ha offerto le mitiche e uniche granite siciliane della cremeria Torre di corso Regio Parco 28 a Torino.
Dunque, si scriveva della gita in montagna.
La passeggiata è alla portata di tutti, veramente, perché si tratta di un percorso su strada sterrata con lieve pendenze e che si sviluppa sotto splendide pinete con scorci panoramici fantastici. Il dislivello è di 150 metri circa e il tempo di percorrenza è di circa 1,5 ore camminando tranquilli.
Ogni tanto si incrocia qualche auto, ma soprattutto ciclisti con mountain-bike da competizione.
Da Torino il tragitto è il seguente: imboccate l'autostrada A32 per il Frejus ed uscite ad Ulzio Est seguendo poi le indicazioni per Salice d'Ulzio e poi per Monfol.
A questo punto posteggiate la macchina perché la strada diventa sterrata ed iniziate a camminare seguendo il percorso principale. Naturalmente avrete la possibilità di scegliere molti altri percorsi più o meno lunghi, più o meno impegnativi.
Durante il tragitto potrete godere dell'ombra dei pini, dell'aria pura, di scorci e panorami stupendi e potrete sdraiarvi sulle vaste distese verdi e fare il pic-nic.
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Taotrac, really nice post. I have same feelings about them, the best band in my life. And I never understood comparisons with Opeth. For me Opeth start to fade out with the last record. Novembre music is like a soundtrack to my life.